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Steel Structural Detailing is a technology driven company having man power that are well versed and competent in all the sophisticated model designing. Our expert and professionals build 2d Drafting, 3d modeling, Structural steel detailing, shop drawings and fabrication drawings for an easy erection and elevation on field. Our designs and detailing work are highly appreciated by public as well as private clients across the globe.

Steel Structural Detailing is a preferred steel design and detailing partner for their worldwide renowned clients. With our strong analytical capability we can go to the root of any type of project and deliver the error-free hi-quality detail drawings in the fastest possible schedule, which reduces the fabrication and erection costs in all means. Other than only delivering the shop and erection drawings, we do project management for our clients and that too with a remarkable turnaround time, which is well appreciated by all our clients. We value our clients as our valued partners to deliver the best, as we understand they deserve the best Caliber is committed to their clients Worldwide, for making accurate detail drawings and erection drawings for shop use while maintaining delivery schedules per commitment. We utilize the best and latest technologies to meet the requirement which is the demand of steel fabricators of today.

Our strength lies in the competence of our experienced personnel from the field of steel design detailing. With a keen focus on maintaining international standards, our strong quality policy is geared towards tending to global needs. A positive attitude coupled with best service, has gained us the confidence of our clients, which is the basis of our success. We are committed to create and maintain strong customer relationships through unfailing professionalism.

Our people bring in not only their experience of structural steel knowledge but also skills on the latest steel detailing software of modern age. A perfect combination of knowledge, experience and skill helps us provide the best quality of shop and erection drawings, which ensures a one-time client is a repeat associate of steel Structural detailing.

Our knowledge base is multi-dimensional. It is on industrial and commercial steel structures, it on different software interface to deliver client the best output of drawings as per their requirement; it also is on customization of the software to produce drawings in the fastest manner and the best. A punch of knowledge in steel engineering and the knowledge in software proficiency have made Caliber the leader in the Industry.

If we want to describe our Engineering services in few words, they will be - superior quality, schedule and Overall client satisfaction in all means of the need.

Outsourcing steel detailing is a Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO) firm specializing in offering wide range of structural engineering services across the continents. Our structural steel detailing services range from structural drafting, fabrication/shop drawings, 3D Modeling services to Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Client satisfaction, customization, client responsiveness, high quality, prompt delivery of work and cost effectiveness in our structural steel detailing services makes us a desirable destination among the outsourcing firms.

We aim to create mutually beneficially and long term business relationships with our clients by following a customer centric, professional, friendly and flexible approach. We work in tandem with our clients to create value and tangible benefits for them.