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Steel Construction Detailing is your one-stop destination as well as a service provider that serves its clients globally by providing all major types of steel detailing services, BIM services, PEB services, precast panel detailing services, rebar detailing services, MEP services, and a lot more.

The company is having diverse knowledge and good hands over the use of a different set of tools and techniques that is required for executing the design and drafting services for any project. Our effective portfolio in providing services in different areas is only possible with the help of our in-house team of engineers who are at their best to deliver 2D Drawings and 3D models of the project that provide to the fabrication as well as the erection method of overall steel structures.

While outsourcing work with Steel Construction Detailing, the team of experienced engineers, detailers, modelers, designers, and drafters put their best effort and apply detailed knowledge of first-hand and theoretical design codes, structural analysis, and various materials and structures that are an integral part of the project.

Moving further here is the list of the services that are being offered by us.

Structural Engineering Services

We are the leading service provider of structural engineering services, having experience for over 13 years. The team and the organization are well-versed in setting up the benchmark and goals for all major types of structural steel detailing services and delivering structural steel shop drawings for the project as per the need and requirement of the client.

Steel Detailing Services

When it comes to outsourcing steel detailing services, the only name that strikes the mind of our clients is Steel Construction Detailing Pvt. Ltd. The company is having good command for providing full-fledged services like Steel Detailing services, structural steel detailing services, steel detailing service providers, Steel Fabrication Detailing, structural steel fabrication drawings, steel fabrication drawings, etc all in one single roof.

Building Information Modeling Services - BIM Services

The company is having a trained team of BIM engineers and modelers who are versatile enough is delivering all significant types of BIM services and BIM consultants. The types of the offering of services and consultancy are BIM model, BIM outsourcing consultants, BIM service provider, BIM design consultants, BIM consulting, BIM consulting services, BIM company, BIM clash detection, scan to BIM services, BIM construction management, BIM outsourcing services, architectural BIM services, MEP BIM services, Revit modeling services, BIM 3D model, BIM drafting, 3D BIM modeling services, structural BIM services, etc.

Point Cloud to BIM Services

Steel Construction Detailing is the leading Point Cloud BIM Services provider, serving its clients globally and offering multiple arrays of services like detailed creation of Point Cloud Modeling, Scan to BIM services, Point Cloud to BIM, etc and much more.

Curtain wall Detailing

The company is involved in providing all significant types of curtain wall detailing services to its clients regardless of the size and complexities of the project. Not only we are the leading glass curtain wall details service provider, but we also assist in designing and drafting curtain wall shop drawings, Curtain Wall Detailing, curtain wall section detail, curtain wall fixing details, glass cladding details, curtain wall to slab detail, curtain wall plan detail, glass curtain wall section detail, etc

Stair and Handrail Detailing

Steel Construction Detailing Pvt. Ltd offers a detailed array of services when it comes to delivering 100% accurate and data-driven Stair and Handrail Detailing services. The offering of our services are assisting in designing, drafting, and providing consultation on stair railing details, stair handrail details, metal railing details, floating staircase railing, stainless steel staircase railing designs, modern stainless steel staircase railing, and other sets of detailing consultancy all in one single roof.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The company is involved in providing detailed and accurate sheet metal fabrication services to its clients when they outsource their projects with us. Our services are not limited only to providing consultancy or termed as a service provider, but also with the use of the latest tools and software the client receives the outcome of the project as per their expectations. One of the major services in which we have a 100% success ratio is assisting in sheet metal shop drawings, sheet metal fabrication drawings, sheet metal duct fabrication, sheet metal box fabrication, HVAC sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication services, ductwork fabrication, and much more.

Precast Panel Detailing Services

Steel Construction Detailing Pvt. Ltd is the foremost service provider of precast panel detailing services. With the years of experience we hold, our team offers a significant set of services that play an important role in the overall work. The offering of the services is precast concrete wall panels details, precast concrete cladding panels details, precast concrete panels details, precast concrete facade detail, precast shop drawings, precast wall to slab connection details, concrete panel wall section, concrete panel wall detail, precast concrete cladding details, concrete panel wall section, etc.

Rebar Detailing Services

Looking for outsourcing rebar detailing services? Well, you are at the right place and to the right Rebar detailing company. Our work involves a full-fledged set of rebar shop drawings, 3d rebar detailing, bim rebar detailing, rebar detailing outsourcing services, Tekla structures rebar detailing, etc, and all other major types of detailing services.

Shop Drawing Services

We are the leading shop drawing service providers serving to its clients globally. The base for any project is to have its blueprints and that is only possible with the help of accurate shop drawings for the accurate services. When it comes to outsourcing shop drawing services, we have multiple set of services in each area and the list for the same is MEP Shop Drawing, steel shop drawings, Structural steel Shop Drawing, Fabrication drawings, Structural steel fabrication drawings, rebar shop drawings, millwork shop drawings, shop drawing service provider, outsource shop drawing services, CAD shop drawing services, millwork shop drawings, steel fabrication drawings, structural shop drawings, steel shop drawings services, steel detailing drawings, MEP shop drawings services, joinery shop drawings, BIM shop drawings, facade shop drawings, HVAC shop drawing, etc

Our team of designers, drafters, modelers, and detailers are more talented and having expertise in understanding the need and requirement of the clients and what is the work that our client is demanding from us. Our Experts Engineers, Drafters, and Designers comply support to the most advanced technologies as a conclusion it can give time-bound and qualitative delivery of all types of steel detailing Services.

The main aim of our company is to build long-term business relationships with our clients and it is only possible only when we provide and deliver them reliable and result-oriented business solutions that are best fitted for their project. With experience for over 13 years, we have successfully completed an array of projects globally, and with the use and adherence of necessary tools, techniques, and standards.

Benefits of Opting Steel Construction Detailing Pvt. Ltd as your Consulting Service Provider

It is a point of concern, and that is why selecting a consulting service provider for getting assistance in the services. Well, for the same do check for below-mentioned details that give answers to all your queries and concerns.

  • Fast TAT for completion of project work.
  • Cost-effective and Time-Saving.
  • ROI gets increased.
  • The productivity of the work gets increased to a great extent.
  • 100% customer-oriented and data-driven assistance for the work.
  • Acceptance of all necessary set of international codes, standards, and software.
  • A dedicated team of engineers assigned based on the project demand.
  • Single Point of Contact assigned who is focused on Project Management and Transitions.

To know more about the services, or to outsource your project with us, you can always get in touch with us over a phone call or send us an email. Based on your query and inquiry our team will revert back to you on a positive note.