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Steel Construction Detailing is a leading engineering service provider company for Steel Fabrication Detailing, Assembly Fabrication Drawing, all types of Engineering Fabrication Drawings, and many more services. We offer Steel Structure Fabrication Drawings Services to a wide range of customers including Steel Detailing, Steel Shop Drawings, Metal Fabrication Drawings, Structural Steel Shop Drawings, etc, we provide high quality drawings within clients specified time.

Fabrication, development, and Structural Drawings vary from Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, electrical prints, and rationale designs in that they are attracted to scale and give the segment's physical measurements so that the part, component, or structure can be produced or gathered. Even though creation and development drawings are exhibited as separate classes, both supply information about the manufacturer or assembly of a segment or structure.

The main genuine contrast between the two is the topic. A Fabrication Drawing gives data on how a single part is machined or fabricated in a machine shop, while a development drawing gives the construction or assembly of expansive multi-segment structures or frameworks. Fabrication Drawing additionally called machine drawings, is principaly found in and around machine and fabrication shops where the genuine machine work is performed. The drawing generally delineates the part or segment as an orthographic projection with every perspective containing the important measurements.

Our Shop Fabrication Drawings include :
  • Column Connection.
  • Foundation with Base Plate details.
  • Connection Details used for Welding, Riveting, Bolting.
  • Steel Member Detail Drawings.
  • Steel Truss Member and Connection detailing.
  • Field and Shop Bolt Summary.

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