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Shop Drawing

Structural Steel detailing provides high quality and time bound shop drawings services. Shop drawing includes detailed construction and fabrication drawings with accurate shape size and assembly parts of unit. Shop drawing is essential for construction industries. Shop drawings are typically required for pre-fabricated components. Our cad shop drawing services includes elevators, structural steel, trusses, pre-cast, windows, appliances, cabinets, air handling units, and millwork. Our shop drawing services also includes HVAC shop drawings which include sheet metal duct work, piping drawing, fire protection and electrical layout. The shop drawing normally shows more detail than the construction documents. It is drawn to explain the fabrication of the items to the manufacturer´s production crew or contractors installation crews.

Our team of engineers and cad drafter are well expertise and has vast experience in generating shop drawing of different phases like structural steel shop drawings, HVAC shop drawing, fabrication shop drawing, 2D shop drawings, architectural shop drawing. We generally generate shop drawing from architectural plan or structural drawing.

Shop Drawing is a drawing or set of drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, fabricator or manufacturer. It is their drawn version of information, shown in the construction document.

Structural Steel detailing company offers all types of shop drawing outsourcing services like curtain wall shop drawings, window shop drawings and professional CAD drawings for the glazing industry, AutoCAD shop drawings, entrance shop drawings etc. Shop drawing will include all the necessary details, drawn in AutoCAD to describe your intent, for architectural approval. The details will be generated from the architectural plans and your instructions as to which system type to incorporate. All dimensions and detail layout will be drawn as shown on the architectural and structural plans unless instructed otherwise by your company or your representative. Our shop drawings are produced with AutoCAD software in DWG format. Send us your scanned architectural drawings and we will deliver you a professional drawn set of shop drawings. We assure you 100% satisfaction.