Shop Drawing Services

What are Shop Drawings?

A shop drawing is a collection of sketches created by the company's fabricators, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, and consultants. The components are prefabricated using it. It is a visual representation of the data that is shown in the construction documentation. The creation of a shop drawing is carried out by the terms of the contract signed between contractors and customers, and it is then supplied by their demands and requirements. Elevators, structural steel, trusses, precast concrete, windows, appliances, cabinets, air handling units, and millwork are a few of the Best examples of Shop Drawings.

What are the various types of Shop Drawing Services?

Moving further, below is the list of different types of Shop Drawings Services offered by the dedicated detailers of Steel Construction Detailing. All these Drawings take an effective part in proffering and completing the project. Varied Shop Drawings Services include BIM Shop Drawings Services, Steel Shop Drawing, MEP Shop Drawing, Sheet Metal Shop Drawing, Rebar Shop Drawing, Woodwork Shop Drawing, Millwork Shop Drawing, and several others.

BIM Shop Drawings Services

The BIM Projects are incomplete without an accurately outlined plan made by the owners and the stakeholders of the project. BIM Shop Drawings Services provides a comprehensive blueprint of the project to be composed. For the appropriate implementation of the BIM Project, inherent management, and functioning are required, thereby calling for proper design, sketches, and diagrams of the project. The drawings are the pictorial representation of the data thus provided by the patrons that are created by the architects and engineers of Steel Construction Detailing.

Architectural Shop Drawing Services

It is of the utmost necessity to have precise planning and plotting for every Architectural Shop Drawing for it to be executed and function properly. The process is made considerably simpler and easier by the Detailers of Steel Construction Detailing, who have an extensive understanding of architecture shop drawing services. The plumbing, electrical, and mechanical processes can proceed without interruption from conflicts arising.

MEP Shop Drawings Services

MEP Shop Drawing is the outlined version of the data provided in the construction documents. It comprises detailed Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Drawing Services that are combined for the formation of 2D and tectonic 3D models. The service is thus rendered by the integration of all the necessary aspects like Architectural, Structural, and Trade Drawings. The detailers of Steel Construction Detailing deliver accurate and customer-oriented MEP Shop Drawings Services.

CAD Shop Drawings Services

CAD Shop Drawings Services are termed to be detailed drawings that are converted from 2D drawings and 3D models. With the help of CAD Software, all the handmade drawings are converted into detailed and result-oriented, customer-satisfactory designs.

Steel Fabrication Shop Drawings Services

Steel Shop Drawing Service is considered to be the strongest backbone for any fabrication Industry. It is an essential part of the service that assists the Steel Detailers to get the required set of information which helps in constructing and delivering the work within the stipulated time frame. The company has a huge team of developers and fabricators, who are experienced in structuring the Steel according to the manufacturing details and demands of the clients. Steel Shop Drawing describes the information related to steel including Dimensions, details, number of Bars used, welding data points, and other various sections. Steel Shop Drawings Service makes the fabrication and imitation more specific and accurate.

The accuracy of Steel Fabrication leads to delivering the best quality service with efficient usage of materials, installation process, positioning, and other connection details. The company assures to represent Structural Steel 3D Models, according to the industrial and country standards. Our company also provides Steel Stair & Hand Rail Shop Drawing Services. The company has been one of the most trusted and recommended service providers.

Ware Houses

Steel Construction Detailing is equipped with dedicated experience holders, that use assorted application software and tools for the construction of spacious warehouses. The experts give their cent percent to providing high-end quality warehouse structures and drawings, that withstand the weather conditions, considering the physical and chemical properties of goods stocked in the warehouse. Steel Construction Detailing provides a warehouse facility at economical rates within the country and overseas.

Industrial Platforms

Industrial Structuring is pacing high with their demand and meeting the supplies as needed. The remarkable growth of the industrial sectors has led to utilizing the vast field of technology, making the process of construction easier. Steel Construction Detailing works for preparing different building structures while using Computer-Aided Designs. The company has a huge infrastructure space that helps in meeting the essentials and specifications of the manufacturing phase. Structurization of industries is a crucial task as it requires utmost concentration in designing and drafting various parts. The detailers and checkers witness minute details and make the alterations interchangeably. Various aspects are considered while preparing an industrial model that includes the purpose of the model, precautions for the workers, loading items, connection details, material usage, structural design, and others in particular.

Commercial Buildings

Steel Construction Detailing has a wide experience in establishing high-end Commerical Buildings. These structures include Complexes, Malls, Theaters, Showrooms, Supermarts, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, and Godowns. With the increase in demand, it has become needful to structurize Commercial Buildings, that provide and meet the essentials of their clients and in turn the customers. Each building constructed plays a significant role and operates differently.

Hi-Rise Structures (Skyscraper)

The team of Steel Construction Detailing supports making various types of Hi-Rise Structures. The team uses varied techniques in preparing the designs and drawings for the establishment, considering the weather conditions and natural calamities. The fabricators have worked on the Architectural High raised Buildings, Structural High raised Buildings, MEP High raised Buildings, Steel Fabrication High raised Buildings, and several others.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop Drawing Services

When the process of turning flat sheets of aluminum into a metal structure is called Sheet Metal Fabrication Services. The entire metal object can be easily assembled, shaped, stretched, bent, and cut into any desired shape and size. It is a crucial service as it contains detailed study and accuracy of different measurements of Sheet. It is used in the production of complicated HVAC ductwork, metal roofs, structural siding, and column wraps, This service contains geometric information of folded flat sheets that are manufactured. Knowing the complexity of the services, our team is equipped with trained and experienced staff, working within the stipulated time and at the best competitive rates.

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Services

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Services generates quality facts, more than the details provided within the document. The document consists of the route of the duct, its placement, thickness, and volume, which is accompanied by various other supplements like Fire Restrainers, Volume Dampers, and several others. It summarizes the placement of ducts in a way, that ensures no collision with other vent holes, making it feasible for the contractors during the process of repairing or servicing. HVAC Duct Shop Drawings are mandated to be used in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. The designer of HVAC Duct Shop Drawing is an expert who stands by the needs and specifications of its clients and delivers them with the best.

Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings Services

Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings Services is the idolization of the plumbing activities It determines the usage of fittings and fixtures for the smooth flow of the drainage system. Sustainable and high-quality pipes are used for the long-term safety of the system. Working in the field for more than a decade it is easy for the engineers to accurately find the measurements, dimensions, and color texture, and work as per the need. The Drawing is prepared in a way, that describes the parallel attachment of the pipes for the easy flow of freshwater and segregation of solid and liquid waste. A high level of detailing is executed for the smooth and efficient installation of plumbing systems.

The efficiency eliminates discrepancies within the plumbing system. The bunch of engineers have diversified their knowledge in the execution of work, making strategies and implementing them simultaneously.

Different types of Plumbing Pipes Shop Drawings are Procedure Piping, Heating System Piping, Domiciliary PIping, and Drainage System. Accurate paperwork is carried out by the Plumbing Service Providers of Steel Construction Detailing Firm, making the process and the aspects much clearer. This helps the architects to build a sustainable MEP Model.

Rebar Shop Drawings Services

Steel Construction Detailing is the leading and one-stop solution provider of Rebar Shop Drawings Services. It is the process that is required for generating robust Reinforcement Solutions right from the start to the end. Our team of professional engineers, designers, and drafters understand the need and requirements of the clients and strives hard to deliver accurate and reliable 2D Drawings and 3D Rebar Modeling.

Precast Shop Drawings Services

Steel Construction Detailing is the leading company that is recommended for outsourcing Precast Shop Drawings Services. All the necessary codes and standards are specifically used for rendering the work of Precast. These are the concrete panel structures that are created in the factory considering the environmental conditions and are accessible anytime, during installation as required at the construction site. This service helps in saving more time and lessens the cost of investment.

GFC- Good for Construction Drawings

GFC drawings are the graphic representation of the construction data, as approved by the governing bodies or by the owners of the project. The map is then used for implementing the various stages of the construction project.

AFC- Approved for Construction Drawings

These Drawings are endorsed by the management of the inner and outer authorities of the organization, which includes the respective client of the project. Associating with the construction process, the structural group operates only on AFC minted Drawings or Documents.

IFC- Issued for Construction Drawings

It refers to a collection of drawings, that are modified with the relevancy, pricing, and effective charges. It is generally issued by the clients or its delegate. It helps in controlling and assuring the product utilized in the manufacturing unit.

Facade Shop Drawings Services

Facade Shop Drawings Services foundation of the construction industry. The service thus rendered plays a key role in directing the managers and the architects, with Structural Designing. This type of service helps in increasing the productivity margin and profit ratio of the firm. Facade Shop Drawings are the mirror reflection of the building to be constructed in real. This helps both Detailers of the company and the patrons to have a demo version of the building to be uplifted. The Facade Shop Drawings Services is economical and aesthetically feasible for the constructors.

Facade Shop Drawing Services is an essential element that is used for several purposes by the installers for taking government approval for the establishment of the building, enforcing renovation, and proper studying of the building. Various types of Facade Shop Drawings Services are Elevation Facade Shop Drawing Services, Structural Facade Detailing Services, Mirror Support, and several others.

The basic characteristics of Facade Shop Drawing Services are as follows :

  • Qualitative and Quantitative work deliverance
  • Instant work process
  • Cent percent customer satisfactory work-sharing
  • Competitive prices
  • Large and quality resources
  • Adhering to the International Codes and Standards
  • Ultimate Support of Facade Service Providers

Reinforcement Shop Drawing Services

Reinforcement Shop Drawing Services helps in preparing 2D and 3D Reabr Models that are trusted by its global clients over the past 15+ years. The team has immense knowledge of preparing blueprints for Reinforcement Shop drawings, which are prepared after checking the quality of the components utilized for the formation rebars. The contractors of our company provide their best in delivering 100% quality work to its puters. Reinforcement Shop drawings play a key role in providing high-end solutions to the Rebar Detailers. Integrated technology and technicians lead the project making it more efficient.

Steel Detailers of Steel Construction Detailing imparts various Reinforcement Drawings like Reinforcement Detailing Services, Reinforcement Shop Drawings, Reinforcement Fabrication, Reinforcement Modeling, and various others. The team provides full support to the clients, while accurately maintaining the secrecy in data reports, giving quality assurance, after delivery service, and other facilities. A progressive approach while preparing the entire project.

Construction Shop Drawings

Construction Shop Drawing Services leads to an efficient contribution in the entire construction phase. Some of the important Construction Shop Drawings are as follows:

  • Architectural Drawings Services
  • Structural Drawings Services
  • Electrical Drawings Services
  • Plumbing Drawing Services
  • Finishing Drawings Services

2D Shop Drawing

Shop Drawings are the set of drawings that depict the details, dimensions, manufacturing standards, and fabrication details of the clients. 2D Shop Drawing Services is the set of work where the drawings and designs are submitted in the form of hand-made sketches or hand-drawn designs, thereby integrating into a Model.

Wood Framing Shop Drawing

Timber or Wood Framing Shop Drawing Services is the pictorial representation of the wood scaffolding required for the projection of wooden sidewalls, roofs, stairs, cabinets, windows, wood frame almirahs, and several others. Wood framing is a form of art that adds utility to the fittings and fixtures, within and outside the building. Cross-sectional detailing is fabricated for getting a smooth finishing of the wooden frame. Wood Framing Shop Drawing is carried out while using software like AutoCAD and CAM for representing reliable drawings. The fabricators of Steel Constrution Detailing have worldwide experience in making the work easy and sharing work at the stipulated time.

Millwork Shop Drawing

Millwork Shop Drawing Services also known as Cabinet Shop Drawing Services help clients fulfill their needs and requirements when it comes to outsourcing any kind of Shop Drawing service to the detailers of Steel Construction Detailing. It delivers multiple services all under one single roof. Knowing the importance of the service we assure our clients of 100% accuracy of work by adhering to all the necessary tools. technology, and International Standards.

What are the Codes & Standards used by Steel Construction Detailing?
  • AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • ACI – American Concrete Institute
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
  • BS – British Standard
  • CRSI – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
  • RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

Why Choose Steel Construction Detailing ?

It becomes important to outsource the work of Shop Drawing to a company that inherently fulfills the needs and specifications of its patrons. Here are some of the reasons that make it easy for you to choose Steel Constrution Detailing :

  • Reliable and Scalability of the services
  • Delivery of the work within the stipulated time frame.
  • Increases efficiency of work.
  • Makes practical sense for occasional needs and requirements for drafting and designing.
  • Reduced costs and expenses.
  • Comprehensive Services.
  • Professionally designed outputs.
  • Able to work on diverse CAD Drafting Software, tools, and Standards.

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