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Looking to outsource your shop drawing services? Or want to know what is shop drawing services all about? For all your questions the ultimate and one-stop destination ends up here at Steel Construction Detailing. Before proceeding further, let us have an understanding on what is the service all about and why is it necessary.

A shop drawing is a set of drawings that is being produced by the contractors, suppliers, manufacturer, subcontractor consultants, or fabricators. The use of shop drawing services is basically required for prefabricated components. Some of the best examples included are elevators, structural steel, trusses, precast concrete, windows, appliances, cabinets, air handling units, and millwork.

All the process of development of all these shop drawings are produced by the contractors and the suppliers and that is as per the agreement and contract signed by them. Also, the shop drawings is the drawn version of the information that is shown in the construction documents by the manufacturers or the contractors. Well, the details that are being shared in the shop drawings is more accurate and precise as that of construction documents.

Steel construction detailing is the leading structural shop drawing service providers that deliver the entire drawings to its clients with the explanation of fabrication and installation of the items to the manufacturers crew and productions crew along with contractors installation crews. Also, the services of MEP are not limited only to have limited services. We are having a list of the services that are being offered by us when it comes to undertaking the project in shop drawings services.

Types Of Shop Drawings Services

Moving further, below is the list for different types of Shop Drawings services offered by us. Let us have a look at some of them. Each type of shop drawings that are being offered by us plays a vital role and are used for completing the project.

Steel Shop Drawings

Shop drawing services, considered as the strongest backbone of any fabrication industry. These are the set of drawings that are used for prefabricated components and are produced by the fabricators, manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers. Steel shop drawings is an essential part of the service that assist the steel detailers to get the required set of information which helps delivering the work within the stipulated time frame and also as according to the expectation and demand of the clients.

MEP Shop Drawings

MEP Shop drawings is the drawn version of construction documents. It is a coordinated drawing that comprises of the details of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings that are very well combined in the form of 3D rendering of the project by the integration of all the necessary aspects like architectural, structural, and trade drawings. We at Steel Construction Detailing are the leading provider of delivering accurate and customer-oriented MEP Shop Drawings Services.

Sheet Metal Shop Drawings

The process of sheet metal shop drawings is the viable service that is termed to be a helping hand for the production of complicated HVAC ductwork, metal roofs, structural siding, column wraps, and detailed and accurate sheet metal shop drawings. This service contains the precise geometric information of folded as well as flat sheet that ensures the end product that needs to be manufactured as per the need and demand of the engineers. Despite knowing the complexity of the services, our team of trained and experienced staff is at the service of the clients to deliver the work with the set time and that too at the best competitive rates.

Rebar Shop Drawings

Steel construction detailing is the leading and the one-stop service provider of rebar shop drawing services. It is the process that is required for generating robust reinforcement solutions and that is right from its start to the end. Our team of professional engineers, designers, and drafters understand the need and requirement of the clients and after reviewing the complete drawings deliver them accurate and reliable 2D and 3D rebar modeling. Also, we assure our clients that we use all the necessary standards and codes that are required for a successful rebar shop drawings.

Precast Shop Drawings

When it comes to outsource precast shop drawings services we are leading and the recommended company that works on all the international codes and standards that are required in precast work. These are the concrete panels that are created in the factory considering the environmental conditions and this is also a ready to use panel that is being installed as and when required at the construction site. This process of the service helps in saving time, and cost of investment.

Construction Shop Drawings

Construction shop drawings plays a vital role in the overall project of construction. In the entire construction the following types of construction drawings are taken into consideration and that is because without having these drawings and details available the entire process seems to be incomplete with this work cannot be proceeded further.

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Structural Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Plumbing Drawing
  • Finishing Drawings
2D Shop Drawing

Shop drawings are the set of the drawings that depicts the details, dimensions, manufacturing standards, and fabrication details to the clients. 2D shop drawing is the set of the work where the drawings and designs are submitted in the form of hand -made sketches or hand-drawn designs. Since these drawings are time consuming still for the initial set up many of our clients still consider this option.

CAD Shop Drawings

CAD shop drawings are termed to be the detailed drawings which are converted from 2D drawings to 3D models. This is with the help of CAD software that all the hand made drawings are converted to a detailed and result-oriented design and all is because of CAD shop drawings.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

When the process of turning flat sheets or aluminium into a metal structure or product the service that is taken into consideration is sheet metal fabrication. This entire service has one of the sources in which it can be assembled, shaped, stretched, bent, and cut into any desired shape and size. Since this process of service is termed to be one of the crucial services it requires detailed study and accuracy. Steel construction detailing is the leading service provider of sheet metal fabrication services that serves its clients globally.

Millwork Shop Drawing Services

Millwork shop drawing services or cabinet shop drawing services helps clients fulfil their needs and requirements when it comes to outsource any kind of shop drawing services. We are the leaders of the service that offers its clients multiple ranges of the service all at one single roof. Knowing the importance of the service we assure our clients for 100% delivery of the work as well by adhering to all the necessary tools. technology, and international standards.

Steel Staircase Hand Railing

For steel staircase and hand-railing shop drawing services the one-stop destination is at Steel Construction Detailing. We have been one of the most trusted and recommended service providers when the question is on reliability as well as 100% accuracy of the work. Connect with us today or outsource your Steel Staircase Hand Railing services with us

BIM Shop Drawings Services

The BIM projects are incomplete until and unless the owners and the stakeholders do not have the outline of the project. Thus, BIM shop drawings services are taken into consideration. This is the service that gives the complete blueprint of the project that shares the details as to how the project will be looking like when the commencement of the project and its construction takes place.

Why Choose Us?

This is the most common question that each one has and that is why to outsource shop drawing services, or select third parties for assistance of the service. Well, for all these basic and valid questions below are the answers to it.

  • Reliable and Scalability of the services
  • Use of all the required and dedicated software, tools, and standards.
  • Delivery of the work within stipulated time frame.
  • Dedicated team of engineers and manager allocated as a single point of contact.
  • Increases efficiency of work.
  • Comprehensive Services.
  • Reduced costs and expenses.
  • Makes practical sense for occasional needs and requirements for drafting and designing.
  • Professionally designed outputs.
  • Able to work on diverse CAD Drafting Software.

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