Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)

Tabular representation of Reinforcement Bars

Steel Construction Detailing is a top-notch company that provides effective Bar Bending Services worldwide. Apart from Bar Bending Schedule, the company rendered services like Joist Detailing, Precast Detailing, Rebar Detailing, Pre Caste Panel Detailing, and others. The detailers here have diversified knowledge of detailing and designing services, considering modern tools and technologies.

All the schedules, bars, and forms have a more straightforward and more accurate graphical illustration, which includes the size, shape, number of bars, different angles of steel, altitude, and breadth required for Reinforced Concrete Construction. Various Bar Bending Schedule Formulas are used to calculate the amount of Steel quantity directed for Bar Bending Slabs, Beams, Columns, Walls, and other steel materials.

The bar Bending Schedule is framed particularly for RCC (Reinforcement Cement Concrete) work. Steel Rebar Detailing enriches the quality of the structure, cuts short the cost of the outlay, and saves time and effort for the drafters. The company proposes meticulous Bar Bending Schedule Drawings with the help of a hard-core internal team of modelers, detailers, engineers, and draftsperson who use modern application software like AUTOCAD, Revit, and Tekla to design accurate Bar Bending Models.

How does Steel Construction Detailing help in Bar Bending Schedule?

  • Calculation work is easily demonstrated, including the reinforcement bar's diameters
  • The team has uniqueness in idealogy and provided proper guidance regarding the scheduled bar's sizes, bars, lengths, measurements, and diameters.
  • The tabular representation of the bars helps the auditors during inspections.
  • It adds utility to the work of the workers on site.
  • Accurate optimisation of steel required at work is carried on, which reduces the cost to a greater extent
  • Generating an invoice for construction is efficiently created, which helps in counting and calculating the bars more precisely

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