Building Information Modelling (BIM) Derby

Steel Construction Detailing is a leading firm specialized in Building Information Modeling. Our services are expanded at International market along with national horizon. Our team of expert professionals are well-trained, skilled and experienced to tackle every complexity involves in given project. It is indeed their hard work and dedication which drives Steel Construction Detailing towards the path of success and glory.

We proceed with the motto of “customer satisfaction” to provide them the best aid. We offer the Building Information Services at full length, allowing clients to have absolute power over their given construction project and streamline processes spans through the life cycle of building processes. We employ the best of Building Information Modelling covers the crucial parts of the project.

What we offer :
  • Booming Quantity
  • Coordination & Collaboration of given projects
  • Measures to reduce risk
  • Arrangement of logistics
  • Asset Management
  • Cost Estimation & Facility Management.

Steel Construction Detailing has always known for its excellence in working method with the promising competency in completion within the given deadline. Our BIM services covers following specialization of Building Information Modelling :

BIM Engineering Services Derby

Steel Construction Detailing offers whole hearted package of BIM Engineering services. We offer A to Z technical aspects of structure. At Steel Construction Detailing the clarity and insight of digital models is something to look for as they are virtually real and easily understandable for engineers, architects, and detailers. This clear BIM view is a boon for engineers, which helps them to read and understand the detailing of given structure from inside-out including the designing, materials utilized, detection of any concussion at initial stage and picking out the exact location of mismatch. Initially the project is handled by design team architects, engineers and surveyors. Later on the prepared design passed on from contractors to the owners. Our team of expert professionals provides an organized design process with cordially functioning work environment that promotes comprehensively higher projects in cost effective budgets.

Architectural BIM Services Derby:

Steel Construction Detailing is a reputed company which offers its one of leading services namely Architectural BIM services. Our up to date software’s with clear precision and 3D models of architectural designs gives in-depth knowledge of detailing to done during the practical construction.

What we offer:
  • Transfiguration from 2D CAD drawings to 3D BIM Revit models.
  • Production of coordination models for sub-contractors
  • Producing architectural shop drawings
  • Quantity take-off from Architectural BIM Models.
  • Detailing of the given structure
  • 3D visualization and furnishing of architectural models

Electrical BIM Services Derby

Steel Construction Detailing has got the best and reliable workforce to carry out the Electrical BIM services. Our team of Electrical engineers are qualified and dedicated to take out the complex procedure. Our expertise lies in tray layouts, conduits, lighting fixtures and fire alarm locations pick straight from the design documents and cut sheets.

What we offer:
  • Creation of documents
  • Analysis of Electric load
  • Buildup of electric BIM model
  • Application of Cable trays in BIM electric model as per the drawings
  • Furnishing of BIM models with lights.
  • Detailing of light fixtures with clear cut visibility of volts, lux, fitting type
  • Wiring of fixtures with switches and panels
  • Electrical Lighting Fixtures Layout Modeling

Mechanical BIM Services Derby

Steel Construction Detailing covers a wide range of MEP BIM services. We offer consistent coordinated and computable information about the structure’s mechanical layout. The mechanical layouts hold the standardized quality with the assurance of accurate geometry, work flows and scheduling.

What we offer:
  • Creation of documents
  • Energy Simulation
  • Modelling of diffusers, grills and mechanical equipment
  • Buildup of Mechanical BIM model
  • BIM of mechanical components with proper connections.
  • Detailing of mechanical equipment’s including sections and isometrics
  • Comprehensive mechanical layouts with dimensions and elevations

Plumbing BIM Services Derby

Steel Construction Detailing is leading firm which imparts its plumbing BIM services at both national and International market. Our Plumbing BIM services piping assemblies, spools and components with the benefits of reduced costs till the final installation.

What we offer:
  • Detail report of storm water drainage
  • Plans of water supply distribution
  • Detailed drawings and models of domestic cold/hot water
  • Plumbing & Drainage drafting
  • Sanitary installation Revit model.
  • Scheduling of equipment

Structural BIM Services Derby

Steel Construction Detailing has widespread grip over its Structural BIM services. We provide the hi-quality 3D structural BIM services with proper accuracy and lifelike visualization. It includes general specifications, accurate data and constantly revising of model as the demand of clients.

What we offer:
  • Structural designing and analysis.
  • Standardized construction documents.
  • Coercion of structural components
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • Structural Designs

BIM Outsourcing services Derby

Steel Construction Detailing outsources its BIM services in a wider horizon both nationally and internationally. It’s not only a technique but altogether a process which is “must have” for AEC industry. We offer a top notch quality with standardized material accompanied with on time delivery to our valuable clients. Our expert team of engineers, architects and detailers has the eye for detailing, creativity and through knowledge of technical know-how. We outsources from first level of BIM to last level i.e. 7D with absolute detailing.

BIM using Point Cloud Survey Derby

Point Cloud Survey with Bim is one of the leading and widespread services of Steel Construction Detailing. Point Cloud surveys are generated from the existing building in the form of BIM. The geometrical points are created with laser technology. Further its proceeded by importing the BIM accredited CAD package and within that materials are identified. Our team of expert professionals creates BIM models from Point Cloud and performs an in-depth design validation. We grasp the possible prospective by integrating Point Cloud with proficiency of BIM. Our experts can juxtapose as built conditions with the planned design and magnify the 3D data. We conceive information rich models leads to the easily readable and highly visual 3D documentation.

Point Cloud BIM Services Derby

One of the prevalent services of Steel Construction Detailing is Point Cloud BIM services. We provide the best of latest technology with attentive instrumentation. This whole service package includes latest 3D software with hi quality drawing accompanied by error proof quality control system. Steel Construction Detailing offers a reliable scan to BIM to Point Cloud to BIM services. We customize Point Cloud data into information rich BIM services. We grasp the possible prospective by integrating Point Cloud with proficiency of BIM. Our experts can juxtapose as built conditions with the planned design and magnify the 3D data. We conceive information rich models leads to the easily readable and highly visual 3D documentation.

BIM Clash Detection Derby

BIM clash Detection in Steel Construction Detailing is the boon to save lot of money and time which is wasted when the structure of one discipline clashes with another. The overlapping costs high rate of bucks to AEC industry. Steel Construction Detailing facilitates the clash coordination in smooth manner with hi-quality graphics and practical applications of engineers.

What we offer:
  • Detection of both hard and soft clashes
  • Improvisation of 3D models which adhere to conflict free designs
  • Proper listing of clashes
  • Clash free and smooth installation

BIM Fabrication & Pre-fabrication Derby

We offer a wide range of BIM prefabrication and fabrication services which goes beyond the national reach as we are also active in international horizon. Here, the workflow is smooth and got a top-notch accuracy leads Steel Construction Detailing to the path of success and appreciation. We facilitate the various building activities with detailed fabrication and shop drawings. Our engineers enable the digital design-to-fabrication workflows with help of Building Information Modelling.

What we offer:
  • Creation of fabrication models
  • Review and navigate 3d models
  • Collect digital information for fabrication from 3D models
  • Production of building components.

Our method of working is highly transparent which allow our clients to constantly keep tab on their ongoing projects with direct communication to organization along with the concerned personnel involved. Along with a great consultancy for structural steel detailing, we also serve as a platform for young aspiring minds to learn and explore the intricacies of structural steel detailing at professional environment with creative freedom and proper guidance. For further information, assistance or queries please refer our contact details. We are available 24/7 and 365 days in year. We are inclined towards providing high quality and collaborative services which leads to healthy long-term relationship with our valuable clients.