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We are the leading and expert curtain wall detailing service provider that have its global presence in six countries and is serving its clients globally. Our team of Facade expertise provide facade/curtain wall detailing services for the architects, building owners, construction personnel, to the members who are working on building projects. Our delivery of the work when it comes to facade solutions is not limited, rather depending on the requirements of the clients we provide them with customised services too. For an error free delivery of curtain wall detailing services it is necessary to adhere to curtain wall system. Having said this let us first understand as to what is the service and why it is being taken into consideration.

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the portion of outer wall is non-structural. This is the service in which the utilization is only to keep the occupant in and weather out. As the portion of curtain wall is non-structural, it can be prepared in the material that is light in weight, and thus can affect the construction costs in a positive way. When glass is used as a part of a curtain wall, the core benefit here is that the natural light is easily penetrated deeper within the building itself.

The process of curtain wall facade is not at all carrying any structural load from the building rather it carries its own dead load weight. The reason for getting curtain walls designed is to resist the infiltration of air and water. Also, other induced sway that needs to be absorbed by the wind along with its seismic forces acts on the top of the building. based on this data the construction team can know the capacity of absorption of wind loads and also to have its own support for dead load weight forces.

Now proceeding further let us understand as to how the designing of the entire facade detailing is done. Basically curtain wall systems are designed with thrusted aluminum frame members. Although, it is not at all wrong in saying that in the past the very first curtain wall detail dwg was made up with steel frames. Also, these aluminum frames are typically infilled with the glass that gives a pleasing look and feel for architectural buildings along with the benefit of daylightning too. All these things can be easily worked only when we have a team of engineers who can deliver accurate and easy to understand curtain wall shop drawings.

We at steel construction detailing have a team of best engineers, modelers, and drafters who understand the importance and need of the curtain wall detail drawing and how this step of work will help in curtain wall construction. Here in the entire work of curtain wall detail the use of a large amount of glass infills is taken into consideration along with some other common infills like stone veneer, metal panels, louvres, and operable windows or vents.

Systems and Principles we Follow

We are the company that believes in delivering qualitative work and stands on the expectations of its clients. Thus, with this said here is the list of the systems and principles we follow when our clients outsource curtain wall detailing services with us.

Stick Systems

In this system there is a vast majority of sharing the dwg for ground-floor curtain walls. This is because here the installation of long pieces which are being referred to as sticks is taken into consideration. Also, with the help of stick systems the installation is easy between floors vertically and rest vertical members are set horizontally. Now, the members of framing can be fabricated in the shop, but the installation and glazing is processed at the jobsite. This is possible with the help of accurate glazing shop drawings only.

Ladder Systems

This is the system that is very much similar to a stick system. The ladder system has mullions that can be broken or chopped. This further can either be snapped or batten together consisting of a partial box and plates. It further allows the sectioning of curtain walls that can be fabricated in a shop, and this then effectively can be reducing the time and energy that would be required for the installation of the system on the site. The drawbacks of using such a system is reduced structural performance and visible joint lines down the length of each mullion.

Unitized systems

Unitized curtain walls entail factory fabrication and assembly of panels and may include factory glazing. These entire complete unit of the work is then installed on the structure of the building that then forms the building enclosure. With this system there are some of the advantages and some of them listed are speed, lower field installation costs, and quality control that is within the process of internal climate-controlled environment. The monetary benefits are typically realized on the large scale projects or the areas where the labor rates and costs are at the higher field.

Rainscreen principle

This is one of the common features and principles in the technology of curtain walls. Here the principle is based on the theory that stabilizes the air pressure between the inside and outside rainscreen and that is also to have the prevention of water penetration getting into the building. One thing that needs to be considered is the pressure that is very much equal to the gasket, and in this wannter cannot be drawn through joints or defects in the gaskets.

Curtain Wall Detailing - Design Concerns

A curtain wall system must be designed to handle all loads imposed on it as well as keep air and water from penetrating the building envelope. Having said this here is the list that we at steel construction detailing follow and based on that deliver the work with convenience and effectively.

Dead Load Wind Load Seismic Load
Snow Load Thermal Load Blast Load
Air Infiltration Water penetration Deflection
Thermal Criteria Strength Lnfills
Glass Glazing Fabric Veneer Stone Veneer
Panels Louvers Windows and Vents

Why Choose us for Curtain Wall Detailing Services?

This is the most question that every company has, as to why to opt for the option to outsource the service. Well, for this below mentioned is the answer to it.

  • Experience for over 12+ years.
  • Cost-effective and Reliable services.
  • Use of the latest tools, software, and standards.
  • Global presence in 6 countries.
  • Team of more than 180+ engineers, designers, and drafters.
  • Assurance of data security and confidentiality.
  • Completed more than 11000+ projects.
  • Accurate and result oriented delivery of the work.
  • Single point of contact available for easy communication and update on the work report.
  • Quick turnaround time.

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