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Steel construction detailing is one of the leading and one-stop destinations across the globe when it comes to delivering on-time and affordable steel joist detailing services to its clients. For having experience for 12+ years we have been working with our clients globally and that too on a wide range of projects concerning some of the diverse specialization areas. Also, by the process of adhering to the country specific standards we are the first choice as well as recommended floor joist drawings and joists designs drawings service provider that has bought a major revolution in the construction industry.

This is not at all wrong in saying that the market for structural steel detailing has expanded to a great extent and has covered the major market in the last two decades. In all this time, we and our team of engineers and drafters have come up with unique ways to attend all the needs and requirements of the clients no matter how complex the project is all about. Also, in all this one thing we proudly say that we have maintained our flawless standard of quality and that too consistently.

The structural component that is used to frame the floors or roofs is a bar joist. The bar joists is the wok that consists of a pair of parallel chords that are connected by a series of intersecting supports and that is known as "webs". The features of bar joists is very much similar to the design and drawings to trusses. This pattern includes the same old web pattern that is triangular, and is light in weight and also smaller in size than most of the other trusses.

Moving further the steel joist details and the design of these bar joists assist in distributing the weight of a floor or roof structure to the walls or its foundations either to the end of the joists. The team of our bar joists designers requires the basic inputs that needs to produce dimensionally accurate and perfect bar joists design drawings with multiple layers that are demanded by our clients and also in the desired format.

Our team of experts not only strive hard to gain more knowledge about the work, but also develop a great understanding on how structural engineering works. Also, with all this our team always share and look to develop new and innovative methods to have the best work that is edge over the current competition in the market with both horizontal and vertical markets. We have kept and open channel for all our clients, stakeholders, and team members with the aim of enhancing the productivity of the work and also adapt any new as well as creative ideas to resolve numerous working challenges.

At Steel construction detailing, we offer comprehensive joist and deck detailing services that can increase the prospects of our clients and that too with a great speed in this competitive market. Some of the offerings by us are as listed below.

  • Open Web Steel Joists K-Series
  • DLH-Series and LH-Series
  • Deep Longspan and Longspan Steel Joists
  • Single, Double, Parallel, One Way and Two Way Pitched Cords
List of our structural bar joists design drawings.

Now let us move ahead and share with you the details of our expertise in delivering the drawings to our clients with much of accuracy as well as aiming for result oriented completion of the work.

  • Joist Detailing
  • Floor Joist Drawings
  • Steel Floor Joist Drawings
  • Bar Joist Designs Drawings
  • Building Roof Trusses Designs Drawings
  • Joist Hangers Designs Drawings
  • Wood Joist Designs Drawings
  • Wood Beam Designs Drawings
  • Joist Beam Designs Drawings

List of services drawings are used.

Here is the list of the services where these drawings are used or these are the sectors where these services are taken into consideration and we have a great grip along with expertise over it.

  • 2-3 Story homes, Apartments
  • Residential & Commercial buildings
  • Miscellaneous structures
  • Retail, Office, Industrial structures
  • Healthcare/Medical facilities
  • Bridge, Public civil structures
  • Stadiums/Convention centers, etc.

So, with this said as you have decided to select us for your business needs and requirements, the only thing that needs to be done is to get in touch with us either over the phone, or via email and we will aid you with the best and reliable technical help, support and guidance.