Shop Drawing Detailing Norway

Steel Construction Detailing is a leading consultancy firm expanding its horizon till international market along with national mart. What keeps Steel Construction Detailing stand out from crowd is the aptness to make our customers part of the solution rather than making them the part of problem after all customer is the king. Our team of expert professionals is well-trained, accomplished and experienced to conduct the given project proficiently. It is indeed their hard work and dedication which drives Steel Construction Detailing towards the path of success and prosperity.

Shop Drawing Detailing is a set of drawings produced by the manufacturer, subcontractor, contractor, supplier and fabricator. We produce clear and hi-quality shop drawings collaboratively and discreetly. Our shop drawings service is in sync with every expertise including architecture, engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fabrication.

Why us?
  • working drawings
  • fabrication shop drawings
  • cad drafting services
  • Erection drawings
  • Building Components’ Shop Drawings
  • Mechanical Pipe Shop Drawings
  • HVAC Shop Drawings

Rebar Detailing Norway

We provide a comprehensive range of Rebar Detailing services accompanied with top-notch quality and clear specification, can beneficial to our valuable clients in larger extent. We execute latest technology with accurate proficiency. In case of any emergency, our clients are free to contact us as our channels of communication are open all times. We analyze every economic solution. Our clients can trust with their project as we are insightful of their needs. The major benefit of working with us is that we offer a customized service with quick turnarounds.

What we offer:
  • Detailing of connections
  • Detailing of Rebar overlap
  • Detailing of Rebar Hook
  • Detailing of size and dimensions
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Detailing of parapet wall rebar
  • Detailing of Rebar Ties
  • Detailing of Rebar sloped wall
  • Detailing of Rebar Corners
  • Rebar Estimation

Joist Detailing Norway

We are one of the leading providers of Joist Detailing services. Our service package offers the latest 3d model software with hi quality clear drawing possess the adjustable sharping resolution accompanied by error proof quality control system. Our service comes in economic prices without compromising with quality. The completion deadline of every given project is an assured deal with our valued clients.

Joist is basically the horizontal member which supports ceiling or floor of any structure from underneath by running between the base, walls or beams. Joist contains the plank in intersection manner. It planted in repetitive pattern with the support of beams.

What we offer:
  • Wood Joist Designs
  • Wood Beam Designs
  • Joist Hangers Designs
  • Floor Joist Designs
  • Bar Joist Designs
  • Building Roof Trusses
  • Joist Beam Designs

Pre Caste Panel Detailing Norway

Steel Construction Detailing offers a wide range of Pre Caste Panel Detailing. We offer detailed precast panels which connect to other components of building. We possess the considerable expertise to provide best and feasible solution to our valuable clients. Our expertize lies in detailed precast panel fixings, precast panel shop drawings, plans, elevations, inserts & connections.

What we offer:
  • Marking Plans
  • Precast Shop Drawing
  • Precast Panel Elevations
  • Detailing of panel fixing and connections
  • Detailing of caste-in plates and inserts
  • Listing of all caste-in components
  • Listing of loose brackets and hardware’s

Pre Engineered Buildings Norway

We offer a thoroughly studded service in Pre Engineered Buildings. We provide the latest technology and detailed instrumentation. Along the line of these respective facilities in Pre Engineered buildings we provide the best of technological advancement in clearer and transparent manner which allows our clients to keep a tab on ongoing assignment. Our development of Pre Engineered Buildings is cladded with absolute energy efficiency, air tightness and optimal weight and cost. Our detailing of Pre Engineered Buildings is as per the user requirement.

Steel Fabrication Detailing Norway

Here at Steel Construction Detailing, the whole operation of Steel Fabrication Detailing is carried out in conventional manner but with latest and up to date CAD software of world-class brands in order to get clear and better understanding of detailing. The 3d and 2d graphics exhibit the clarity with real depth which makes the work of fabricators and detailers easy to and help them to understand the know-how of structures they are working on.

What we offer:
  • Attachment of Columns.
  • Substructure with base plate details
  • Welding, Bolting and Riveting with connection details
  • Steel member detail drawings
  • Connection detailing and Steel Truss Members
  • Summary of field and Shop Bolt

Curtain Wall Detailing Norway

One of the widespread requirements in any building is Curtain Wall Detailing which is available at Steel Construction Detailing in every specialization with proper technicalities. Curtain Wall Detailing is solely the outer blanket cladded the building which sometimes also become the façade. Unlike other parts of building, it is non-structural hence it is always comes in lightweight. Apart from the exterior, it also plays as a shield which protects the building from air, water percolation, fluctuation born by heavy wind and seismic forces. Our detailing process is done keep in considering the rampant demand of extruded aluminum members, which is the core element in Curtain Wall. In the detailing of curtain wall, we always ensure the safety and common concerns. In case of any mishap, we take full responsibility if it held by us and allow our customers to have one to one discussion and improve our fault with better and fruitful results.

What we offer:
  • Formation of sticks
  • Installation of Unitized System
  • Insertion of ladder system
  • Principal of Rainscreen

Laser Scanning Norway

We offer the Laser Scanning suitable with every sort of available technology as per the requirement of client. Laser Scanning is the restrained navigating of laser beams from a faraway measurement to every pointing direction. It seizes the shape of desired object, building or landscape in rapid speed. Whole process of Laser Scanning is carried out in 3D motion for better clarity and understanding which leads to capturing of exact size and shape given product.

What we offer:
  • We check and understand the physical space about the application of Laser Scanning.
  • We guide our clients with possible scope in ongoing project.
  • Before commencing the project, we determine the required deliverable as per the expectation of the clients.
  • Before the scanning we establish the project survey control which helps in greater accuracy of scanning and coordination of work among the contractors.
  • We always collect the additional data for scanning which is useful in case of displacement of any data.
  • Assessing and punctuality in time
  • The attitude of engaged professionals are that of dedication and humility with accompaniment of experience.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Norway

One of the leading and widespread services offered by us is Sheet Metal Fabrication. Sheet Metal Fabrication is the usage of sheet metal to build various structures. In those structure Sheet Metal is the prime element which ranges from the thickness of 3 to 38 .The thin metal is known as “foil” while the thick is called “plate”.

What we offer:
  • Forming
    • Bending
    • Bending
    • Roll Forming
    • Spinning
    • Deep Drawing
    • Stretch Forming
  • Cutting with Shear
    • Shearing
    • Blanking
    • Punching
  • Cutting without Shear
    • Laser beam cutting
    • Plasma Cutting
    • Water Jet Cutting

Miscellaneous Steel Norway

Here at Steel Construction Detailing, our team of expert professionals offers a wide range of Miscellaneous Steel Detailing. Our team of engineers will assist the client to get the best of solutions provided by Steel Construction Detailing. Our expertise lies in various shapes and sizes, steel roof frames, erection plans, stairs, railings and miscellaneous steel parts.

What we offer:
  • Plate
  • W sections
  • Channel
  • Angles

Here at Steel Construction Detailing, we provide a direct linkage between customers and the allotted architects, detailers or engineers involved in concerned project, in case of any miscommunication or mishap, we take the full responsibility and try to come with better aid with the consent of client. . For any further suggestion, queries or information please refer our contact details. We are available 24/7 and 365 days in year.