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In structural engineering services, it is the PEB supplier or PEB manufacturer who designs Pre Engineered Building (PEB) that is to be fabricated using qualitative and best-suited inventory of raw materials available from all the sources. This is the service that shares the process of manufacturing methods that can effectively and efficiently satisfy one of the widest ranges of requirements for structural and aesthetic design. Another name for the said services within some geographic industry sectors is called pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB). In this field of development and construction industry, the demand for "PEB buildings" has been increasing and the common reason for it is the reduced amount of the cost. Also, pre-engineering involved the process of custom CAD designs, and simply engineering metal buildings (EMB).

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) are the buildings that are fabricated and engineered in the factory and the assembly work is done at the site. Usually, these PEBs are steel structures. To have the details as to have an exact size, shape, and design the process of built-up sections are taken into consideration. This is because these are fabricated at the factory and have precision and accuracy. Once the fabrication is done, these pre-engineered building systems are transported to the site and assembled with bolted connections. This type of concept is taken into consideration pre-engineered metal building architecture and this is a structural concept. Here it is used to build industrial buildings, metro stations, warehouses, etc and more.

The concept of adopting PEB buildings in the place of conventional steel building designs has resulted in many advantages, this is including the economy and easier fabrication. These types of structures the buildings can be finished internally and also can serve any functions that are termed to be helping for the low-rise building design. The best examples for pre-engineering buildings are warehouses, bridges, factories, canopies, etc and other options too.

Components of PEB - Pre-Engineered Buildings

WeThe entire process of pre-engineered building systems consist of different types of steel structural members and some of them are as mentioned below. These are the components that we at steel construction detailing take into consideration.

  • Primary Frame : This is the standardized engineering design that was very firstly marketed as PEBs for the construction of buildings. Well, if talking historically, the primary framing structure of a PEB is the process assembled for the I-Shaped members and are often mentioned as I-beams.
  • Secondary Structural Elements : This element is termed as or named as "Cold formed" members. Here the members will be in different shapes and sizes. The concepts that are taken in cold form are like "Z", "I", "C" etc. This in general is called or known as "Purlins". The process of secondary structural elements is taken into consideration to fasten and support the external process of cladding.
  • Roof and Wall Panels : The form of service that is taken into consideration is roll-formed profiles steel sheet. Also, for external cladding of the building the work that uses is steel sheet, wood, tensioned fabric, precast concrete, tin shades, glass curtain walls and other set of materials. The common category that takes place is the "S" category.
  • Sandwich Panels : Sandwich Panel is created with the help of three layers of aluminum sheet, in which a non-Aluminum Core is inserted between two aluminum sheets.
  • Other Accessories : Mezzanine floors, Bolts, Insulation, etc.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings.

There are many advantages of the services and some of them are as mentioned below. Steel construction detailing believes in delivering the work as per the expectation of its clients and thus with this said, some of the benefits/advantages are stated below.

  • The main advantage is the proper quality control of the work that is undertaken. The structural members are engineered beforehand, and this is possible only by following and adhering to the standards to different codes. This complete work and components are made in the factory and that too under the supervision of quality control engineers.
  • Reduces the overall cost of the work and that is due to the saving in design, manufacturing and on site erection cost.
  • Curtailing the time of the construction due to the use of software for design of the structural components.
  • Maintenance cost is low due to the use of standard quality of paints over the steel members. This process increases the ability to withstand and at the end the maintenance cost can be reduced to a great extent as that compared to conventional steel building.
  • Quick Erection, as all the members are Pre Manufactured & skilled labor is used for connections of different components.
  • Warranty on PEB, is tentatively for the period of 20 years that is given by an PEB manufacturer.

Design Codes and Standards we follow.

Taking into consideration the importance of the work, below is the list of the codes and standards we follow.

  • IS-800-2007 (Indian Standard- General Construction in Steel - Code of practice)
  • IS-875-PART- I TO V (Loads and Combinations)
  • IS-1893-2002 Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structure (R-5)
  • Metal Building Manufacturer Association (MBMA-2014)
  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Software used : Staad.Pro v8i, ETABS, RAM Steel

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