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Steel construction detailing offers Structural Steel Detailing and Design services to its clients globally. We are one of the leading service providers of Steel Detailing Services that includes approval drawings, CAD drafts, Steel Structure Fabrication Drawing, Steel Fabrication Drawings and 2D drawings and 3D models. In Structural Engineering Services, the process of Structural Steel Detailing is a crucial as well as critical process that demands almost 99% of accuracy and precision in the work. Here the team of structural engineers makes sure that there does not arise a single mistake, that can lead to a loss of valuable time and money. For all types of manufacturing and construction activities, Structural Steel Detailing Services and Steel Fabrication Detailing play a vital role. This set of work is related to the erection of commercial and residential projects, industrial plots, factories, institutes, hospitals, hotels, and much more.

The entire process of Steel Detailing is an important way of communication and thus another name for this service is termed "communication link". It is because based on this set of information it connects key personnel and professionals like architects, contractors, engineers, fabricators, and others who are part of the project. Moving further we at steel construction detailing ensure the involvement of steel detailing for the creation of detailed drawings that are required for fabricators, contractors, and stakeholders. Also, this entire detailing service involves the set of work that is related to the reports and all the important and major tasks. Here the process involves two main types of drawings - Shop Drawings and Erection Drawings.

Shop Drawings

Structural shop drawings to detail drawings are the set of drawings that specifies or shares the details of individual steel pieces and components. The components here are specified and made by the steel fabricators and this list includes columns, beams, joists, braces, trusses, etc. This set of shop drawings includes every information that assists in proceeding easily and accurately for the contractors and constructors. Such drawings include specifications of the materials, dimensions, sizes, components, surface specs, painting details, and much more other information that pertains to the Steel Fabrication Services of each component. These are the drawings that are relevant only for the team of fabricators and fabrication units. Here the details do not all includes any information related to the erection and installation of steel components

Erection Drawings

To get the specifications of each steel components in the overall structure, erection drawings is taken into consideration. The core reason to it is because it portrays the accurate dimension plans and shares the specific information that are must needed. Here our team of structural engineers share detailed and specific information that is related to the positioning of each component, required details for installation purpose, and field work related such as installation of bolts, wedges, welding spots, anchors and other details.

The process of steel detailing services also includes other important stages like Precast Panel Detailing, Rebar Detailing, Steel Reinforcing Details, Steel Design, Tekla Steel Detailing, Steel Construction Detailing, Shop Fabrication Drawings, and bill of materials (BoMs)

Steel Detailing Standards

It is very much necessary that the steel detailers comply with the process of adhering to different steel detailing standards that are mandatory and required for different countries. Some of the list of the steel detailing standards followed by us are as mentioned below.

  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD)
  • Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
  • Australian Institute of Steel Construction
  • EuroCodes and British Standard Codes
Structural Steel Detailing Services offered by Steel Construction Detailing

The in-house team of structural engineers has wide knowledge and skills to produce steel drawings, designs, and reports that are complying with acceptance of all the necessary tools, software, and standards. Below is the list of some of the services that are being offered by us. Let's have a look at some of them.

Popular/ General Structural Steel Detailing

The drawings and documents play a vital role. This set of documentation includes the details such as drawing register, cutting list, summaries, locations, erection drawings, etc and many other generic details that are required for accurate Drawings.

3D Steel Modeling and 3D BIM Erection Drawings

With the help of latest 3D modeling and BIM software the engineers create highly detailed and accurate 3D steel models and 3D BIM erection drawings. This information has the data that are required and needed for the site construction.

Framing Plans

For the process of framing plans our team of engineers use proper drawings and plans that are termed to be a part of creating steel framework. It is that these frames or frameworks can be designed from scratch to suit the need and specifications that assist in speeding up the process of work and its stages to complete them.

Steel Connection Design

The engineering team at steel construction detailing provides detailed drawings of steel connections, fittings, and fixtures. This stage of work shares the information as to how the connections are getting formed and how the details are included in the design and drawings.

Shop Fabrication Drawings

We produce detailed drawings that are ready to be installed and can be fabricated as an when required. Here all the steel members or the elements need to be fabricated and are being drawn individually by sharing the information that has individual calculations of dimensions, locations, points, etc that are clearly displayed.

Bill of Materials (BoMs)

A detailed and comprehensive bill of materials is provided in which it is necessary that the entire costing and quantities of the materials, and list of requirements are included. This is indeed one of the important parts of the service and thus plays a vital role.

Anchor Bolts Plans

The anchor bolt plansshare the details and locations that are with regards to the ground fixings, and attachment of steel elements to concrete as well. This set of documents includes size of bolts, tensile strength, torque settings and other such details.

Embedded Materials Plans

This is the process undertaken to produce steel-reinforced concrete. Here rebar detailing service is taken into consideration where the details that are included are rebar sizes, shapes, and layouts. Also, this set of information includes beams, columns, panels, and its sizes.

Steel Estimation Reports

The team of engineers here develop a steel estimation report that shares the information that includes the details as to what amount and quantities of the materials is required and it thus has the tentative costing too for the items too. This can also include the design that is produced in the form of 3D models or independently as per the need and requirement of the clients.

Why Choose Steel Construction Detailing for Outsourcing Structural Steel Detailing Services

In the construction field or construction project, steel detailing services is an important service and important part. This is because it gives the highest level of accuracy of the work and each steelwork is checked and monitored in-depth. We have a special team of structural engineers who are versatile in structural engineering services such as fabrication drawings and structural design and drafting services. Below mentioned is the list of the reasons as to why to select us as your outsourcing partner.

  • Qualified Team of Structural Engineers
    We have the team of one of the best structural, civil, or mechanical engineers who are having experience for over decades and have been working on no matter how complex the steel detailing project is about. Having said this it means that we follow the required standards and industry codes to deliver error-free structural steel detailing services.
  • Simple to complex design delivery
    No matter whatever is the demand of our client, our engineers are expert in delivering the work. Whether it is our clients needs a simple frame detailing or complex geodesic design, Steel construction detailing is at the service. We have worked on a variety of projects and thus are well-versatile in knowing the needs and specifications that our clients expect from us.
  • Adhering of tools and software
    The team at Steel construction detailing, uses the set of latest tools and software that are required for successful completion of the project. Having had experience for over years we have a good grip on the use of software like Advance Steel, Tekla, ProSteel, STAADPro. Trimble Tekla, and others.
  • Proper integration with CAM methods
    Fabrication drawings can be designed and produced to integrate with CAM (computer-assisted manufacturing) tools, and this includes CNC machining. The code of CNC is used and applied for the production and preparation of design and the model, and that is ready for rapid and instant manufacturing.

Contact us today to outsource your Structural Steel Detailing Project with one of the most trusted and recommended steel detailing service providers. No matter whether our clients need a small framework design or need complete and detailed documentation for a large and complex Structural Steel Project, we are at your service. Having said this, our clients can outsource their project because this option assists in saving time, and money, and resolves the issue at the earlier stage. To know more about our detailing services send us an email today or simply fill out the form online to get free quotes for your project.