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Structural Engineering Services is a sub-discipline and an integral part of civil-engineering services. Here in this service the team of structural engineers are well-trained and experienced to design the "bones and muscles" of the structures that are created and developed by humans or man-made. Our team of structural engineers here understand and calculate the overall details that are required to build structures for buildings and non building structures. The calculation here is based on the stability, its strength, load, and rigidity. We at steel construction detailing has one of the best-in-house teams of structural engineers that works closely with the clients and work on Structural Engineering Services and Structural Drafting Services that are result-oriented and as per the expectations of our clients.

Being one of the trusted and recommended structural engineering service providers, we and our engineers have an in-depth understanding of all technical standards and software that are required in the field of structural analysis and design, This also includes the preliminary and detailed design projects. Apart from this as we are one of the leading structural drafting service providers, we ensure that all the rough ideas and drawings are translated and converted into a design that is beneficial to the clients and these structural design conforms to the process of review and adhering to the building codes.

We are in the era of the 21st century where skilled and experienced work is considered the most and thus to get better results and engineering design requirements, the best is to outsource structural engineering design services with an experienced and skilled services provider.

With over years of experience we cover a wide variety of civil, commercial, residential, industrial, geotechnical, and environmental projects as per the requirement of our clients. We offer highly professional and innovative Structural Engineering Services.

Moving further when our clients choose us as their outsourcing structural engineering service provider, we cater and deliver numerous features of the services that are all available at one single roof. This means that the complete list of the services that plays a vital role will be available at one single platter and this is possible only when the right team of engineers and drafters are at your service. We have an in-house team of architects, engineers, software experts, consultants, and managers who make sure to give the right set of engineering solutions to the clients that helps them regain the capital and invest more in the business that gives a fruitful result.

Steel Construction Detailings

Structural Engineering Design Services

When it comes to delivering result oriented work as per the expectations of the clients, we are the renowned name across the globe. With the team of qualified and expertise team of engineers we adhere to all leading international standards, codes, and practices. Moreover, our team of architects, engineers, drafters, and modelers are having expertise and proficiency in all leading technologies to ensure effective and qualitative project execution. Moving ahead, here is a list of some of the structural design services and its analysis that is listed below.

High Rise Structures Design & Analysis

With the help and use of required industrial standards, designs and element tools, our team are able to conduct design analysis for all types of residential and commercial buildings. Some of the types of structures that we cover are or are included is:

  • Steel and RCC
  • Prefabricated building systems
  • Composite structures
Industrial Structures Design & Analysis Services

Our team has worked on many industrial projects that includes the load-bearing structures and machine foundation for vibrating equipment. The industry segments that are typically included are as listed below.

  • Printing Press
  • Steel Production
  • Power, Chemical, Oil, and Allied Industries.
Custom Homes Design & Analysis

We and our team of structural engineers are well-trained and certified to assist our clients in providing them accurate custom home design and analysis of their projects. Our team closely works with the clients and understands their requirements based on the details of preparing the initial stage of custom homes be it masonry or RCC homes. Steel construction detailing conducts the entire process of design and analysis based on the latest standards and regulations that are applicable as per the specification.

Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of Existing Structures

Our services are not limited only for sharing ideas and concepts for the development of a new building, rather our services support in the evaluation and strengthening the structures that are deteriorating or needs redevelopment. The overall evaluation on checking on the strength of the building is done with the help of NDT specifically in rehabilitation of vintage buildings and seismic retrofitting.

Finite Element Analysis and Modeling

We at steel construction detailing carry out the process of anticipating finite element analysis (FEA) by adhering to the industry tools and required software. With the help of dedicated tools and software, our team makes the work easier and simpler along with the process of resolving the error even for the most complex problems for structural designs. These problems and issues are related to the strength, robustness, capacity, strength, durability, and sustainability. Also, by using the technique of finite element analysis and modeling we assist our clients in detecting the problems and delivering error-free work by using FEA models.

Peer Review Services

Our team of engineers and modelers provides accurate peer review services to our clients globally for assisting them in their project. We help our clients by checking the aspects of the existing building design and this is different ways and forms. The details here included are checking on accuracy, design adequacy, and any kind of risk mitigation if at all there is any possibility. Our services are highly reliable and are performed by the team of best structural engineers we have in-house who are having the required skills and expertise in working with all the required and defined regulations and codes.

Engineering Transcription Using Mathcad

With the help of Mathcad method we are having required tools and resources that are required for qualitative engineering transcription services. This method is used by structural engineering companies, engineering universities among others. Having said this our team is highly skilled and can easily adapt the method of Mathcad that provides top-qualitative engineering services.

Structural Design and Drafting Services

We are the one-stop destination for delivering reliable and customer oriented structural design and drafting services to our clients for any type of structural design projects. We provide facilities like 2D drafting to the clients at an affordable cost and that too with the assurance to not to worry about the resource management and technology headaches.

Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings

We offer highly professional and result oriented structural fabrication drawings to our clients with the commitment of superb quality and world-class infrastructure of work.

Structural Steel Detailing Services

Structural steel detailing services is one of the most crucial services that demands 99% of accuracy. The in-house team of steel detailers at steel construction detailing are having years of experience and can cater to the needs and requirements of the clients within a short turnaround time. The entire process of structural steel detailing can be termed as a cumbersome task that involves having prefabricated components to showcase the loads of the steel in a proper and detailed manner. With the help of different sets of CAD software we are committed to provide exceptional steel detailing structural drawings and steel designs.

Structural Shop Drawing

The team of designers and architects keep a regular practice that is related to the checking of the amount of the raw materials and items that will be required or proposed by the contractors for the project. To know this the service that is taken into consideration is structural shop drawing services that indeed makes the entire process easier, simpler, quicker, and faster. Thus, with the help of these drawings for prefabricated components like windows, precast panels, elevators, etc the service taken into consideration is structural shop drawing services.

Structural BIM Consulting and Design Services

Our clients who are not having the technical capabilities of handling the work that is required for structural BIM consultations and design services can contact us, as we have the team of BIM experts who will provide or weave a custom structural BIM solutions and that also within the decided budget of the clients.

Offerings or List of Structural Engineering Services

Structural engineering services is the set of work that converts all the virtual ideas and concepts into reality and that is by creation and development of its structures. Here is the list of the services that are being offered by us.

  • Structural Drafting Services
  • Steel Structural Detailing
  • Structural Steel Shop Drawings
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Steel Structural Drawings
  • Steel Structural Design
Software and International

Standards and Software we use.

Now proceeding further, it is very much necessary to know and understand what are the international standards and codes that need to be adhered while undertaking structural engineering work. Here is the list of the codes, standards, and software that we use.

High Rise Structures Design & Analysis
List of International Standards and Codes
  • AISC- American Institute of Steel Construction
  • RCSC Standards - Research Council on Structural Connections
  • CISC - Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel
  • ASTM Standards - American Society for Testing and Materials Standards
  • BS - British Standards
  • ACI Standards - American Concrete Institute Standards
  • AS - Australian Standards
  • CRSI Standards - The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Standards

Flow of Structural Engineering Services Process

At steel construction detailing, we have rich and expertise experience in this domain and thus are having the best team to pertain to have the knowledge of all the industry standards that helps in sharing innovative ideas and concept in the project completion. Our team maintains the quality of the work and thus strives hard to reduce the cost of the product design time and also deliver the work that is overall very-much cost-effective. Having said this we follow some basic as well as customized process that is as an when required for every single Structural Engineering Project.

List of International Standards and Codes
  • Define Scope of Project
    It is very much necessary to understand the complete concept and scope of the project, so that the further planning and documentation work is taken into consideration.
  • Analyze Inputs from Client
    Understanding to the details as to what the client needs and how the structural analysis approach can be validated and taken into consideration.
  • Project Execution
    Creating the first level of the basic structural design as per the inputs and ideas shared by the client.
  • Assign Project Execution
    Once the design is being approved, the team of project engineers and structural designers follow the requirements of the clients by adhering to the necessary standards and codes.
  • Build on Structural Analysis
    Developing and creating accurate structural drawings in 2D and 3D formats.
  • Recommend Structural Changes
    Representing the design and the communicating the detailed layout that is with regards to the sections, plans, and elevations.

Why Choose Us for Structural Engineering Services?

Our highly coordinated services provide an unique and innovative idea to manage the complete set of design management and its implementations. Below are some of the reasons to share with you the details as to why to choose us for outsourcing structural engineering services.

  • Access to the art infrastructure
    We use the latest and up-to-date infrastructure, cloud-based storage, data backup solutions and other parameters of the work that are required for the providing high-end structural engineering services.
  • Latest tools and technology
    Our company and engineers both use the latest set of tools and technology that are required for completion of every structural project. We are having the licensed version of the software that is required and some of them are Xsteel, STAAD.Pro, AutoCAD, etc.
  • Cost-Effective or Low Operating Cost
    We provide services to our clients that are cost-effective and along with that it is having an open option available to have flexibility in the price. By choosing us as your service provider we commit that we deliver the work that is result oriented and that too at a low operating cost.
  • Advance technology access
    We have a service in which we can use the customized software package that is benefitting the client and for the same the client is ready to invest in the time and costs.
  • Confidentiality of Agreements
    We strictly adhere to the agreement that is required for data security and its policies. Thus, the entire information related to their project is completely safe and secure with us.
  • Single point of contact
    To have clear communication between the engineers and the project's stakeholders, we assign a single point of contact so that there is no miscommunication and delay in delivering the project and also to provide solutions at the right time.
  • Qualified Engineering Team
    We have one of the best team of engineers in-house who are well-qualified, trained, and have expertise in working and meeting on all the international standards of structural analysis and design.
  • Quality Assurance
    We have numerous stages where the process of quality check is done so as to ensure that the delivery of the work is accurate and error-free.
  • Quick TAT
    To deliver the work within the stipulated time we have multiple delivery centers across the globe. This in other way helps to follow a streamlined process and complete the work with the decided time.
  • Adherence to latest standards
    We have good knowledge and are expertise in using the latest standards that are required for the support of accurate structural engineering services. This is from the initial stage of the design process to its modeling, and further from its analysis to its construction documentations. All is available at one single process and this is by adhering to the standards that are necessary.

Outsource high-end qualitative structural engineering services with Steel Construction Detailing.

We are the leading and prominent structural engineering design service providers in India that is serving its clients globally for over 12+ years. We have one of the best team of engineers who are having rich expertise in following structural engineering norms from across the world. With the use of latest technologies that has enabled us to deliver design as per the expectations of the clients that reflects the innovative way of ideas and the process we follow. Also, as a company our ultimate goal is to build a strong and long-term business relationship with our clients.

Having said this, contact us today for reliable, efficient, and effective structural engineering services at affordable as well as economical rates. You can get in touch with us over the phone or can send us email and also if you want to have the quotes for the services, you can also fill the form and the team will be at your service within 24 business hours with the required set of the data.