Structural Engineering Designing Services

Structural Engineering Service is an integral part of Civil Engineering Services. The service team is integrally well-trained and experienced, who efficiently designs and creates aesthetic structures. They have an in-depth knowledge of all technical standards and software that are required in the field of Structural Analysis and Designing. The Structural Engineers can efficiently calculate the overall details that are required for building Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Non-Residential Structures. The calculation is entirely based on stability, strength, load, and rigidity.

We at Steel Construction Detailing have the best in-house teams of Structural Steel Engineers that work closely with the clients and work on Structural Engineering Services and Structural Drafting Services that are result-oriented and as per the specifications of the clients.

Structural Design Services and Analysis

High-Rise Structural Projects

With the use of required Industrial Standards, Designs, and tools, our team conducts an analysis of designs for different types of Residential and Commercial Buildings. Some types of structures that we cover include -

  • Steel and Reinforcement Cement Concrete (RCC)
  • Prefabricated Building Systems
  • Composite Structures

Industrial Structural Projects

Our team has worked on many industrial projects that include load-bearing structures and machine foundations for vibrating equipment. The industrial segments that are typically included areas listed below :

  • Printing Press
  • Steel Production
  • Power, Chemical, Oil, and Allied Industries.

Residential Structural Projects

Residential Structural Projects is the construction of homes, flats, tenements, villas, and duplexes. Steel Construction Detailing provides adequate service and solutions provider for Residential Projects. The architects are knowledgeable and plan according to the budget, material, and area of placement. The location is decided that fits with human nature and standard of living.

Our Structural Designers have been admired all across the globe for delivering excellent Residential Designs and Drawings. Advanced tools and software are used for creating different 2D Drawings and 3D Models. Each model thus prepared is as per the specifications of the clients and within their economical limits.

Hospital-Pharmaceutical Structural Projects

Hospital-Pharmaceutical Structural Projects are designed considering the environmental factors of the hospital and the condition of the patient. It is structured in a way that fulfills the overall design of the hospital interiors like different wards, reception areas, operation theaters, doctor’s clinics, emergency rooms, and spaces for various departments. Steel Construction Detailing proposes timely deliverance with detailed Structural Designs and Drawings. Development of a hospital requires using qualitative components, accompanied by a quantitative approach.

Steel Construction Detailing has marked its excellence in rendering absolute service at a stipulated budget. The team efficiently divides the work and allocates resources among different departments. The checkers personally assists the pharma system before delivering the project to the client.

Institutional Structural Projects

Steel Construction Detailing is a leading firm that has efficiently delivered its services for more than a decade. Any Institutional Project requires accurate Structural Planning, thereafter rendering the best Structural Designs with accuracy and clarity. The projects undertaken are unique in creation, which helps the drafters attain protection against various risks, like surrounding areas, environmental factors, public residing at the place, and other different factors. The engineers are well-organized in delivering authenticated Institutional Projects. Some of the Institutional Projects of Steel Construction Detailing are- Hospitals, Auditoriums, Schools, Colleges, Museums, Malls, Super Marts, and complexes. The team has developed cordial relations with its clients, which makes them regular with transmitting the projects to the dedicated engineers of Steel Construction Detailing.

List of International Standards and Codes used by Steel Construction Detailing :
  • AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction
  • RCSC Standards - Research Council on Structural Connections
  • CISC - Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel
  • ASTM Standards - American Society for Testing and Materials Standards
  • BS - British Standards
  • ACI Standards - American Concrete Institute Standards
  • AS - Australian Standards
  • CRSI Standards - The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Standards
Modern Tools and Software used by the Dedicated Engineers of Steel Construction Detailing

Why should you choose Steel Construction Detailing for outsourcing Structural Engineering Service?

Our highly coordinated services provide unique and innovative ideas to manage the complete set of design management and its implementations. Below are some of the reasons that will make you outsource Structural Engineering Services.

  • The company has the right team of engineers, developers, and drafters who cater to and delivers numerous services under a single roof.
  • We have an in-house team of architects, engineers, software experts, consultants, and managers who make sure to give the right set of engineering solutions to the clients that helps them regain the capital and invest more in the business that provides them the fruitful result.
  • The company adheres to all leading eclectic International Standards, Codes, and Practices.
  • The latest use of tools and technology for storing up the data for the owners and investors of the project and backing up for future references.
  • The team has a fixed code of communication followed. They adhere to a single and easy process of coordination, cutting off miscommunication among the drafters and the clients.

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