Structural Engineering Services Basel

Steel Construction Detailing is a leading firm specialized in Structural Steel Detailing, known for its top-notch quality service and vast connectivity around the world. We are extended up to international markets along with national horizon. Our team of expert professionals is well-trained, skilled and experienced to tackle every kind of complexity involved in given projects. It is indeed their hard-work and dedication which drives Steel Construction Detailing towards the path of success and dedication. What won us the accolades is our commitment with our clients to provide them their desired services at demanded completion deadline advancing into their entrusting us with important projects.

One of the leading and widespread services we have is Structural Engineering Servicesstrong>, provided with pure authenticity and running the latest technological advancements employed by our well-trained engineers. Here at Steel Construction Detailing, we cover every type of project starting from the fresh prospective with each given project. We integrate every design team partners and ensure to fully understand the feasible technological aspect of construction. Our team works collaboratively with each disciplines involved and also gain valuable feedback from our clients to improve our work.

Why us?
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Careful scrutiny of system selection
  • Constant feedback from clients in order to improve the performances
  • Usage of energy
  • The owner of the project also gets the opportunity to increase the value.

Warehouse Structure America

Warehouse is one of the basic requirements in commercial market, used by transport businesses, exporters, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers to store the heavy loads of goods. The structural design of warehouse by us is clean, in depth and detailed to help the engineers to sort out each and every component of Warehouse. In making of the Warehouse, our structural engineers put their best foot forward with excellent detailing and creativity.

What we offer:
  • Checking of spatial pattern
  • Comprehensive research of business strategy
  • Taking care of functional management of warehouse
  • Description of transportation cost
  • Allocation of future of modification

Switch Yard Structure Basel

One of the prevalent and leading services of Steel Construction Detailing is Switch Yard Structure defined by the basic development framework concentrated on maintaining the building structure with usage of application involved SOA (service-oriented architecture). Here at Steel Construction Detailing, the application and designing is done with professional expertise of our qualified and experienced team of structural engineers.

What we offer:
  • Several Variation of load calculations
  • Plan of architecture
  • Intensified productivity of created designs
  • Consistent Integration
  • Finest utilization of financial resources

Residential Structures America

Residential Engineering service is one of the centre areas of structural engineering mostly because being the Residential Project it is the most demanded service amongst the laymen. Our engineering services are expanded to most of the nation and strive to become an engineering expert by providing best solution to our valuable clients.

What we offer:
  • Designing of structure
  • Drafting of structure
  • Administration of construction site
  • Cost Estimation
  • Tendering

Power Plant Projects Basel

More than structural engineering, Power Plant structure comes under the discipline of Electric Engineering as it involves the transmission, distribution and generation of electric power. Involvement of electric engineering here doesnÂ’t mean that structural engineering has no part to play. The structural features of the power plants determine the large part of electrical aspects.

What we offer:
  • Report of workability
  • Supervision of construction site and commissioning
  • Detailed project reports
  • Our Power Plant Services includes:
    • Gas Power Plant
    • Turbine Power Plant
    • Thermal Power Plant
    • Solar Power Plant
    • Nuclear Power Plant
    • Hydro Power Plan

Pharmaceutical Projects Basel

Making a Pharmaceutical plant is one of the important parts of economy as it generates lot of revenue for nation and state. Steel Construction Detailing put their heart and sweats in the planning, execution and assisting of pharmaceutical projects in development and production of excellent designs with perfect detailing.

What we offer:
  • Best package in front and end loading
  • Best solutions for workforce
  • Scheduling of project
  • Evaluation of shop drawings
  • Construction Management

Institutional Projects Basel

Any Institution comes with its own ideology and objectives which surrounded by a detailed and impressive structure, grasped by students and postulate studying under those roofs. To make the knowledge more accessible, Steel Construction Detailing invests its dedication and passion to create the pace of knowledge with its expert engineers and understanding.

What we offer:
  • Structural 2D drafting for construction.
  • Usage of latest technological leaning leads to best 3D structural designs
  • Standardized quality for every size of projects.
  • Detailed structural report including every minute detail.
  • Our Institutional Project includes:
    • Auditorium
    • Convalescents
    • College Buildings
    • Day Care Centre
    • Hospitals
    • Medical Rehabilitation Centre
    • Museum
    • Reformatories
    • Sanatorium
    • University Campus

Industrial Projects Basel

The team of Structural Engineers in Steel Construction Detailing is highly dedicated, qualified and experienced to carry out Industrial projects one of core discipline lies in civil engineering. We provide consultation, designing and documentation projects range in varied sizes in Industrial market. Our main aim is client satisfaction, imparted through economically feasible result within allotted deadline.

What we offer:
  • We have the creative and inventive team of professionals
  • Design and simulation
  • Customization of CAD
  • Globally outsourcing of our services.
  • Analysis of reliability.

Chemical Plant Projects Basel

Steel Construction Detailing has brought together the specialists with wide-ranging expertise in Chemical Plant & Engineering. We initiate the project right from the developmental phase and keep tabs till the commissioning phase. We hold the grip of capacity expansion and adjustments, amalgamation of new plants in existing one, Projects of environment compliance, supply and disposal networks and management and maintenance engineering.

What we offer:
  • Management and planning of construction
  • CAD services with data & workflow management
  • As-built documentation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Cost Estimation & Cost control

Effluent Treatment Plant Basel

The Effluent Treatment Plant of Steel Construction Detailing comes with the boon of multiple features. In each project we apply our extensive knowledge, evaluate the efficiency, interaction with other constituents and development of overall efficiency. We toil towards the improvement Effluent Treatment Plant leading towards the reduction of operating cost and environmental pollution.

What we offer:
  • Cost Estimation and Budgeting
  • Engineering and drafting along with proper specifications
  • Turnkey from inception to accomplishment
  • Erection of precast elements
  • Outfitting of mechanical equipment

Cement Plant Basel

Steel Construction Detailing is one of the leading providers of cement plant service at global market along with national horizon. Steel Construction Detailing is consist of some of the most qualified and experienced engineer who do their job with absolute finesse. Their dedication and hard work reflect in the satisfaction of our valuable clients. Cement- a core binder of every structure is given a prime importance in Steel Construction Detailing to provide it as a essential service.

What we offer:
  • Supervision of construction
  • Services regarding pre-construction phase
  • Studying of practical phase of construction
  • Studying of developmental stage
  • Commissioning of project

Boiler House Basel

A Boiler House service of Steel Construction Detailing is one of the leading aid, at the same time ranges in different variation including Hydraulic Boiler, Water Tube Boiler, . Combustion Boiler, Steam Boiler, Drum Boiler, stocker Fired Boiler, Pulverized Fuel Boiler, Waste Heat Boiler and Atmospheric Circulating Fluidized Boiler. Our services come in economic prices without compromising with quality. The completion of every project takes place with period before the deadline.

What we offer:
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Accuracy in seismic analysis helps the Boiler House to protect from earthquakes
  • Longevity of structure
  • Accuracy in structural design
  • Strong Boiler support

Along with a great market for Structural Steel Detailing we also serve as a market place for young aspiring minds to explore and learn the intricacies of various kind of detailing in professional environment with creative freedom and proper guidance. Our service package includes latest 3d modelling software with high quality drawings accompanied by error free quality control systems. For further information, assistance or queries please feel free to Contact Us. We are available 24/7 and 365 days in year. We look forward to maintain a collaborative healthy association with our valuable clients.