Architectural BIM Services | Architectural BIM Modeling Services

Steel Construction Detailing is the organization that provides Architectural BIM Modeling Services to its clients globally. We have the team of skilled and efficient drafters and engineers who have vast knowledge of the service and are working on pre-construction BIM projects that are in the architecture domain. We are the leading service provider of Architectural BIM Services that includes conversion of the design and the drawings and are converted into 3D BIM models with proper documentations and along with parametric families.

We offer a wide range of architectural BIM modeling services that assist the client in knowing the complete details of their project in the form of 3D visualization all before the prior stage of the construction. Steel Construction Detailing is your one stop destination that provides you with the service of Revit Architectural BIM Service owing to follow the decided standards and the codes.

The service that includes it from the start to the end. The areas include creation of the building models from the sketches, CAD drawings, the documentation that has complete Structural BIM Services. It is that we work with complete process and according to the schematic designs and drawings, the team of professional here work closely with the clients and deliver full 100% accurate and perfect BIM models.

Advantages of Architectural BIM Services

We at Steel Construction Detailing provide customized BIM Services that our clients demand from us. The team here directly communicates with the clients and understand their needs and requirements and based on that create the models. In short, it would not at all be wrong in saying that we provide full customer oriented and high-quality of quality design that are at a very competitive rate. Also, with this we assure our clients for delivering the work within the given time frame. We feel proud to say that we have successfully delivered the best architectural BIM modeling services to high-rise buildings, hospitals, healthcare projects, hotels, convention centers, schools, colleges, universities, and many more.

Benefits of Architectural BIM Services :

Let us proceed further and check for some of the key benefits that are associated with this service and with which we do assure that we are your one-stop service provider.

  • Reduces the risk
  • Reduction of the change orders.
  • Scheduling optimization.
  • Improves the quality design.
  • Efficient and Effective handover.
List of Architectural BIM Modeling Services offered by us.

Below mentioned are the list of the services that we provide and that is essential for it.

  • Schematic Design.
  • Design Development.
  • Construction Documents.

The architectural BIM modeling services are created and is a shared information resource that helps in making the complete 4D BIM Services easy and client friendly. With this said do not hesitate and if you are looking to outsource your project Get in Touch with us and our team of experts.