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Structural steel detailing, Tekla precast panel

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering targets structure to make them more responsive as per the evolving demands. Our team of inventive and experienced structural engineers led us to maintain that unbeatable reputation.

Steel Detailing Services

Our steel detailing service reach up to all kind of building and materials. Our goal is to provide accurate, reliable, and cost-effective detailing service. We focus highly on quality and rectify each of the inconsistency.

Rebar Detailing

At every Rebar Detailing project, plans, notes, bulletins, specifications, and addenda are carefully calculated and then only it proceeded from first to final submittal.

Welcome To Steel Construction Detailing

Steel Construction Detailing Pvt. Ltd is a comprehensive structural steel detailing service provider to cater all over and up to International borders. We take care of diverse buildings and structures executes by best of tools and techniques. Our dynamic portfolio is the result of a dedicated team that delivers the best of 2D Drawings and 3D models cater to the fabrication as well as the erection process of overall steel structures. We apply the detailed knowledge of first-hand and theoritical design codes, structural analysis, and various materials and structures.We are thoroughly well versed with standardized building codes for Structural detailing applied to a wide range of projects. Our main goal is to maintain a long-lasting business relationship by providing 100% customer satisfaction via remarkable project success.

Detailing Services

Our customized steel detailing solutions is reperesntative of our commitment to quality and best results.
The core focus here is quality drawings and designs for fabrication
Miscellaneous Steel

We use multiple advanced technologies that open various scopes for Miscellaneous Steel as well as accuracy delivery within a deadline.

Stair and Handrail Detailing

Our Stair and Handrail Detailing packages contain rails for metal and concrete rails, stair stringers, ramp rails, wall rails, level handrail, and sloping handrail.

Joist Detailing

Our team of best detailers and engineers who prepare the Joist Detailing of top range. At the Joist Detailing , we organize the complete lists and bills as per the structural design drawings.

Precast Panel Detailing

Precast panel detailing stands for the accurate detailing of concrete panels that is produced by the casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form".

Pre Engineered Building

Our pre-engineered structural design is made with the intention of functional, aesthetic, and cost-effective. It also includes accommodation blocks, modular buildings, and steel framed structures.

Steel Fabrication Detailing

We offer complete shop and field drawing for Steel Fabrication Detailing. Our qualified detailers incorporate the combination of tradition drawings and latest technology.

Our Portfolio

Our dynamic portfolio is what kept us unique amongst our contemporaries within the industry. It represents our proven track record.
Shop Drawing
Shop Drawing
We provide a versatile range of Steel Shop Drawingwhich mostly includes the sheet metal shop drawing, woodwork shop drawing, and structural shop drawing. Our well-versed drawings are mainly comprised of fabrication, manufacturing standards, and dimensions. Our created Structural Shop Drawing offers a detailed blueprint for project managers and installers that helps in obtaining reliable project approval.
Structural Steel Detailing
Tekla Xsteel Detailing