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We are in the era of the 21st century where modern techniques and advanced technologies have given great extent to make the work quicker, simpler, and easier. With the change in the time the concept of working on BIM projects and BIM Services too have changed. Adapting the new ways and opening up the area to explore more in the service the concept has been adapted by the majority of AEC companies nowadays.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Our Structural BIM Services provide and share a high level of detailing services that is required for component fabrication as well as on-site installation. Also, it is not at all wrong in saying that the work that is executed with proper planning gives the result as per the expectation as well as shares the life-cycle of the building. Structural BIM modeling services play an integral part and role in the managerial life-cycle of the building that is sharing the information from design through its lifespan to its demolition. While proceeding to the construction of the building it is important to have accurate design and detailing of structural elements of the design of the building.

While working on structural BIM modeling projects our team of engineers keep in mind some of the basic things that are required before proceeding further.

These details are existing structural designs, its analysis, and calculations. Also, having experience for over years we conduct the process of having review of the design, its constructability review of structural models prior to the process of coordination. We have one of the best team of Structural BIM Modelers, Steel Detailers and Structural BIM Engineers with knowledge of working on complex and detailed structural projects.

Moving further, our team of experts possess in-depth expertise in the service and are experienced in handling all the major types of international projects and providing accurate BIM Modeling Services. Also, with this said we have been the trusted and recommended BIM Outsourcing Company in India and worldwide that works for the clients and delivers in providing CAD to BIM Conversion Services, 4D BIM Services, 5D BIM Services and Quantity Take-offs, 6D BIM Services, and 7D BIM Services. We are committed to work for the clients and thus deliver them high-quality deliverables within the decided and stipulated time frame.

Also, it is not at all wrong in saying that BIM services is our forte. Also, with this said we have also delivered and executed the complexed Revit Modeling Services for our clients in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Dubai, and many countries worldwide. Our team of BIM engineers and architects are versatile in developing BIM models with the help of different level of developments (LOD100, LOD200, LOD300, LOD350, LOD400, LOD450, LOD500), this is totally depending upon the demand of the project and construction requirements.

Our BIM Services Includes

Talking more about the services, here is the list of major types of BIM Services that have been offered by us.

Architectural BIM Services

We provide accurate and precise Architectural BIM Services globally to major AEC firms, construction companies, general contractors, realtors. Our detailed architectural BIM services that are used to create BIM models are helping in proper BIM coordination, planning, execution, Scan to BIM services, construction estimating services and 3D Rendering.

Structural BIM Services

Our structural BIM services offered to architectural companies, steel fabricators, and general contractors are one of the best and reliable services that helps the clients to know the details of their BIM projects. The process of structural BIM services included by us are Structural BIM Modeling, Structural Steel Detailing, Structural Shop Drawings, Precast Detailing/Modeling, Rebar Detailing/Modeling, As Built Drawings etc.

MEP BIM Services

We are one of the leading BIM companies in India offering MEP BIM Services to our clients globally. Our team of MEP engineers are having good command and competency in using software like AutoCAD, Revit MEP, Solid Works, Creo, and many more for a successful MEP BIM service. Also, with this we are also adhering to follow all the standards that are required in the project and these are IECC, ASHRAE standards, NFPA codes and NBM standards in MEP drafting/modeling. When the work is related to MEP BIM then we provide Mechanical Equipment Modeling, MEP Design Coordination, Clash Detection and Resolution, Quantity Take Off & BOMs, Isometric Installation Drawings, and As Built Drawings.

BIM Clash Detection Services

BIM Clash Detection Services is the first and the foremost step that is taken into consideration in the BIM coordination process. This stage of service is undertaken so as to identify the collisions and this is possible only by performing accurate interference checks and it is because this is important for seamless coordination of BIM modelers. Also, clash detection aid in rectifying the issues at the first level of the design before the commencement of the construction that starts at the site. In overall this process saves time, energy, and investment of additional amount, and above all reduces the chance of delay in the start of the projects.

Point Cloud to BIM Services

Our point cloud to BIM services helps in creating one of the detailed and accurate models for as-built purposes along with the project that are undertaken for renovation and refurbishment of an old building. This service is very much known and recognized for sharing the data precisely than the traditional surveys that are taken into consideration for measuring the tools and details of the old structure. This stage of work with the help of 3D laser scanning identifies and captures the environmental details in as-built and then import the survey data and proceeds further by using the software ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit.

COBie Services

COBie BIM services is a standard process that demands a specific data format to acquire the complete building input throughout the BIM project lifecycle. Here with the set of information that is being shared by the clients we prepare and create a product data sheet, list of the equipment, and material lists that are required for the construction of a building. Thus, this service does play a vital role. With this we also make sure that the details of Revit Family Creation Services is also shared in the virtual form of BIM project.

Advantages of Outsourcing BIM Services

Steel Construction Detailing

When deciding to outsource BIM services with us, we assure our clients to deliver the work as per their expectations and also along with that mentioned here are some of the best advantages that are connected with this service. Kindly have a look at the same.

Improved communication and teamwork. Lowering the entire duration of the project.
Cost assessment based on the project model. A more grounded management of the faculty and structure rendition.
Monitor changes. Conflict resolution.
Project visualization during the planning stage. Design optimization.
Effective Clash detection and collaboration Constructability
Lower Expenses and Risk Life cycle evaluation.
Superior Sequencing and Scheduling. Operation simulations.
Improved work productivity and prefabrication. Maintains Control.
Highly secure development sites. Improves Collaboration.
Improved Structures. Drive into Detail and Perfect Presentation.

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