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Steel construction detailing provides its clients with detailed and accurate MEP BIM Services in India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. The team at Steel Construction Detailing provides global construction to all types of construction companies, MEP contracting firms, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the construction sectors. We have a highly dedicated team of experienced and versatile engineers, drafters, designers, and experts who understand the importance of the service and provide their best to make the entire process of MEP BIM service a success.

The team of experts here works and accomplishes the project successfully and this is because they have worked with international HVAC terms and codes. In the entire process of constructing the building, MEP service plays a vital role. MEP stands for mechanical, engineering, plumbing and piping services. Well, these are the services that are basic and without which the further construction process of the building cannot be processed further. Now, here is the list of the services that play a vital role in the entire process of the service. Some of the services that are included in MEP BIM Services for successful project completion are MEP Coordination services, MEP BIM Coordination services, BIM Clash detection, and other services also Structural BIM Services , Architectural BIM Services , Point Cloud BIM Services and 4D BIM Services .

Having an experience for over 12+ years we are making sure and adhering compliances of all decided construction standards, and BIM codes that are applicable and necessary across the globe. The team of engineers are trained enough and experts enough in handling the entire process of the Architectural Design or structural design of the MEP BIM Modeling along with the coordination process. The process of MEP BIM Service does include the services of BIM clash detection that gives information about the design and the model that is required by the clients. Well, knowing the importance of the service the best is to outsource the project and get full satisfaction and sorted service for the MEP BIM Service.

MEP BIM Services Includes

Now let us proceed further and have a look at the list of MEP BIM Services that are included in this service. These are the services that make the project a success and fully completed as per the need and desires of the clients.

  • Conversion of 2D designs to 3D models
  • MEP Shop Drawings
  • 2D CAD drafting and detailing
  • MEP Fabrication Drawings
  • MEP drafting services
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Clash Detection
  • Quantity Take-offs
  • Bills of Materials
  • MEP content creation for HVAC
  • Spool Drawings and Shop Drawings
  • Point Cloud Data
Advantages of MEP BIM Services

Every service that is taken as an outsourcing project by Steel Construction Detailing has certain benefits associated with it. Hence, we present to you some of the benefits that will let you know the details of the service.

  • Amplifies easy data transmission and cooperation among the engineers.
  • Step-by-Step development of Project.
  • MEP BIM Service enriches the construction project and sustains various other uncertainties.
  • Works after monitoring the environment of the surroundings.
  • It lessens the clashes and resolves them while preparing real-time integrated models.
  • Lowers the rework cost.
  • Trouble-free feedback provider while using the various methods of formation.
  • It helps reduce construction and distribution costs.

Why Choose Steel Construction Detailing as your Outsourcing Partner

Let us now proceed further and find the core reason why to outsource your project. Below is the list for the same that will give a clear visualization of the entire services.

  • Experience for over 12+ years
  • Qualitative approach of the services
  • Use of all dedicated software and tools.
  • Successful completion of more than 11000+ projects
  • Happy and satisfied clients of more than 2500+
  • Experienced, well-qualified, and versatile team of 180+ staff.
  • Global presence in 6 countries including India.

To know more and to get your project success Contact Us and the team will be at your service. Also, our team once receiving your query can also send you the sample of the project that we have completed successfully for our clients.