Structural BIM Services

Steel construction detailing is a well-known company providing detailed and accurate Structural BIM services to its clients globally. We have a team of skilled and experienced steel detailers, structural BIM modelers, and engineers who are working on the complex structural BIM modeling projects. Also, with the help of the state of our rich expertise we are specialized in working on the best tools and software that are required for structural BIM Modeling Services . With this said we are also working as a mediator between the design abd fabrication stage.

Structural BIM modeling services play an integral part and role in the managerial life-cycle of the building that is sharing the information from design through its lifespan to its demolition. While proceeding to the construction of the building it is important to have accurate design and detailing of structural elements of the design of the building.Our structural BIM services provide and share a high level of Detailing Services that is required for component fabrication as well as on-site installation. Also, it is not at all wrong in saying that the work that is executed with proper planning gives the result as per the expectation as well as shares the life-cycle of the building.

While working on structural BIM modeling projects our team of engineers keep in mind some of the basic things that are required before proceeding further.

These details are existing structural designs, its analysis, and calculations. Also, having experience for over years we conduct the process of having review of the design, its constructability review of structural models prior to the process of coordination. We have one of the best team of Structural BIM Modelers, Steel Detailers and Structural BIM Engineers with knowledge of working on complex and detailed structural projects.

Our services of structural includes proper drafting and detailing along with Tekla 3D modeling . The ultimate aim of our company is to provide advanced design and analysis capabilities, this then provides a far better 3D analysis view of the entire project that uncovers cost savings and ensures safer designs. Our professionals are capable and expertise in creating an accurate structural model that delivers correct information, so that the engineers are having a clear update on the entire design and building geometry, its geographical information, building properties, building materials, and resources required for the project.

Structural BIM Services:

Now proceeding further, here is the list of some of our structural BIM services that are offered by us.

Structural Analysis Steel Structure Detailing Clash Detection
Structural Design Creation of 3D, 4D and 5D BIM services Risk Mitigation
3D modeling construction Extraction of structural Components Creation of intelligent parametric libraries
Design structural steel High-quality construction documents Accurate quantity take offs and Cost estimates

Steel Construction Detailing has one of the best teams who are well-equipped and conversant enough to adhere to all the standards and codes that are required for result oriented structural BIM services. Also, knowing the needs and requirements of the clients, our team closely works with them and ensures that their financial resources are not exhausted to deliver the work.

Well, with the proper planning and discussion we provide our clients the services that are as per their expectations as well as give the exact view of the construction process even if the project is not started at the site. This is because if at all there is any kind of changes required, the team can coordinate and take necessary decisions so as to avoid delay in proceeding with the project and along with that reducing the design error.

Points to be considered Before selecting Structural Bim Services
  • Easy and better client communications.
  • Quick approvals by clients.
  • Improvise coordination in a team.
  • Simple and Easy design modifications.
  • Reduces numbers of errors and mistakes.
  • Reduced time on creating a drawing and future revisions
  • Performance analysis and evaluation is improved.
  • Getting efficiency of construction.
  • Qualitative delivery of the work
  • Cost-effective

The team of our structural BIM engineers helps the clients in collaborating information from each other, by adhering to other disciplines like architects, contractors, sub-contractors and others to produce the quality required by them.The in-house team of our engineers are versatile in creating real-time and realistic design that comes in building information modeling services so as to help them for a better decision and also to avoid any kind of errors so as to produce a perfect sustainability strategy. Contact us today for your new project that requires BIM Structural Services with our expert team today.