Miscellaneous Detailing

Our team of Structural Steel Detailing is highly skilled and knowledgeable and can assist you in finding the perfect adapted solution in miscellaneous steel detailing. Structural steel detailing offers a complete range of steel fabrication Detailing processes. Our specialties include comprehensive or fractional fabrication of any size of custom projects, including plate work, and structural and miscellaneous items that require a quick turnaround. We deal with the size and shape of the miscellaneous items for steel roof frames, erection plans, stairs, and railing.

We offer columns of various shapes and sizes, steel roof frames, erection plans, stairs, railings, and miscellaneous steel parts. We often check other structural steel and Miscellaneous Steel Shop Drawings. Requests we can fulfill include material take-offs, field bold lists, and basic connection development, in addition to the miscellaneous above. To further discuss steel detailing, shop drawings, CAD design, or any other aspect of our offshore specialist detailing and drafting services.

Our miscellaneous detailing services include :

We have completed multiple of projects on Tekla structures. We get below put by using tekla structures for steel detailing:

  • Sheared or flame cut to size
  • Holes punched or drilled
  • Up to 1 "thick can be formed on press in shop
  • Rolled in cylinders in 10 ft long lengths
  • Formed cones, trough work, etc.
  • Saw cut to length
  • Holes drilled & openings flame cut
  • Saw cut to length & holes drilled
  • Saw cut or shear cut to length & holes drilled

Typical projects include: hoppers, conveyors, bins, tanks, cones, pipe hangers, frames & troughs. We build custom fabricated metal items to your specifications.
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