Mechanical CAD Detailing Services

Steel Construction Detailing offers comprehensive Mechanical CAD Detailing Services that cater to the intricate needs of modern engineering projects. Our expertise lies in delivering precise, efficient, innovative solutions to optimize your Mechanical designs and streamline your construction processes. We specialize in producing intricate mechanical designs using the most advanced AutoDesk inventor software. Our skilled Mechanical CAD draftsman carefully converts your design ideas into precise Mechanical 2D and 3D drawings, making sure that each part and measurement is accurately shown.

We offer a broad range of Mechanical CAD Conversion Services, including equipment layouts, HVAC systems, and piping layouts. Our Mechanical CAD designs are accurate and adhere to the strictest AEC industry standards since we employ the most recent versions of Solidworks software and technologies. Whether you want intricate Mechanical CAD designs for production or installation, our experience can produce outcomes that will surpass your expectations.

Our Mechanical CAD Detailing Services includes:

  • Drafting and Design Services
  • Dimensioning and Annotation Services
  • Assembly Drawing Services
  • CAD Modeling Services
  • File Conversion and Export Services
  • Consultation and Collaboration Services

SolidWorks Mechanical CAD Drawing Services

At Steel Construction Detailing, we recognize the importance of Solidworks CAD Drawing Services to make your projects come to reality. We are your go-to partner for all Solidworks CAD drawing needs because of our experience and dedication to quality. We are a CAD Drafting team of passionate individuals dedicated to delivering precision, quality, and innovation in every project we undertake. With 16+ years of experience in the field of steel construction, we possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in CAD drafting for structural designs. Whether you have a position in manufacturing, construction, or engineering, our CAD engineering services can be tailored to your specific requirements. Keep scrolling to find out more about our SolidWorks Mechanical Drawing Services and why your project is best served by us.

Our Solidworks CAD Drawing Services
  • Sheet Metal Design Services : With the skills of our professionals in Solidworks, you can design precisely correct and affordable sheet metal designs that are similarly machinable and economical.
  • Simulation Services : We offer Solidworks simulation services designed to assist you think through and enhance your designs for performance and efficacy.
Mechanical 2D Drafting

We can produce precise 2D CAD drawings for many different kinds of duties, such as electrical, mechanical, and architectural projects.

Mechanical 3D Modeling

We are highly qualified at using Solidworks to create intricate 3D models that let you explore your project in full before it's constructed.

Mechanical Assembly Drawings

We can draw up accurate assembly drawings for intricate systems to assist you in comprehending how each part fits together.


Our first step is to comprehend the parameters and needs of your project.

Drafting and Design

After that, with Solidworks, our team generates precise and accurate detailed Mechanical CAD Designs.

Evaluation and

To make sure that the CAD Drawings measure according to your expectations, we go over them with you and make any required modifications.


We provide you with the produced CAD drawings in the format of that you desire, so you can take advantage of them for your project.

Mechanical CAD Drafting Services

Welcome to Steel Construction Detailing, where precision meets innovation in Mechanical CAD Drafting Services. As a top supplier in the AEC industry, we approach every project with decades of experience, commitment, and the latest technologies. Whether it's designing intricate AEC industrial CAD Designs or structural blueprints, our team can help you take your engineering projects to the next level of excellence. We offer Mechanical 2D Drafting Services for mechanical components and systems, including detailed plans, elevations, and sections. Our drafters are skilled in creating clear and concise drawings that adhere to industry standards and regulations. We have the expertise to handle projects of any size and complexity, delivering high-quality drawings that meet industry standards.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - We use FEA to analyze the structural integrity and performance of your mechanical designs, helping you optimize them for better efficiency and reliability.
  • Design Optimization - Our team can help you optimize your mechanical designs for cost, performance, and manufacturability, ensuring that you get the best possible results.
  • Reverse Engineering - Using advanced scanning and modeling techniques, we can reverse engineer existing mechanical components, helping you recreate or improve upon them.
Our Mechanical Draftsman are experts in the following significant industry software:

Why Choose Us


Our team is made up of qualified professionals with a wealth of Solidworks CAD Drafting experience for steel construction projects. You can be sure that your tasks are in properly qualified hands.


We make sure that your concepts are perfectly translated into CAD drawings by supporting the most advanced standards of accuracy and precision in all facets of our work.


We are aware of the importance schedules are to the construction sector. We support you in sticking to the deadline and spending limit with our effective process and that delivery is on time.

Customer-Centric Approach

We put the needs and success of our customers first. Throughout the process, we stay in constant touch with you, listening to your opinions and quickly resolving any issues.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer favorable rates without compromising on workmanship, providing you with advantageous Mechanical CAD Drafting Services that deliver exceptional value for your investment.

Client Testimonials

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Steel Construction Detailing is a trustworthy collaborator for any Mechanical CAD Detailing Services you need to get. With our commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction, we are confident that we can deliver results that exceed your expectations. If you're interested in finding out more about our Mechanical CAD Services and how we can support you on your upcoming mechanical project, get in touch with us right now.