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Precast panel detailing stands for the accurate detailing of concrete panels that is produced by the casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form". This process of work is prepared and cured in a controlled factory environment, which is then transported to the construction site and is being lifted into the place. The services of precast concrete panels are one of the most common services that are being used for building materials across the globe. We at steel construction detailing have a team of best-precast detailers who open up limitless opportunities and possibilities for the contractors, engineers, designers, and architects throughout the building life cycle. The recently expanded polystyrene is being used as the cores to precast wall panels. This is lightweight and has better thermal insulation.

Moving further, based on the need and demands of our clients these precast concrete panelsb> are custom-made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. Also, here some of the panels are having vertical and horizontal steel-reinforced concrete ribs, while the others are simply and typically the common precast concrete panels. The biggest and main advantage of using the ready-to-use precast concrete panel is to avoid delay that may arise due to bad weather, and this is because these concrete panels are cast and created within a controlled factory environment.

We have experience for over 15+ years and with these many years, we gave gained considerable expertise in providing the best and most feasible and result-oriented precast panel detailing services / precast panel shop drawings for all precast types. We have completed numbers of projects across the globe and thus are one of the trusted and recommended precast panel service providers.

Our Precast detailing services includes :

Let us proceed further and have a look at the list of precast detailing services that are being provided by us.

Wall Panel Detailing Stairs Detailing Embedment Detailing
Lifting Leg Locations Beam & Column Detailing Bar Bending Schedule
Slab Detailing Grout, Ferrule Locations Erection Drawings
Quantity Take-Offs Marking Plan Double Tee Detailing

BesidesTaking it further, we have established a process to deliver effective precast detailing services that is to facilitate the growth of the business of our clients. This entire process is including of Large-panel systems, Frame systems, Slab-column systems with shear walls, mixed systems, cross-wall systems, longitudinal wall systems, two-way systems, etc. Our precast detailing services gives durability to the project with the commitment of giving reliability, cost-effectiveness, and dedicated timeline for the precast projects. We also provide accurate shop and fabrication details, drawings, and designs for architectural panels, columns, beams, frames, etc.

Industry Standards we Follow
  • ASTM - American Society of Testing Materials
  • ACI - American Concrete Institute
  • CRSI - Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
  • AS - Australian Standards
  • NZS - New Zealand Standards
  • BS - British Standards

Why Steel Construction Detailing..!!

Our team of precast modelers closely works with the clients and based on their experience advises them and uses the latest state-of-the-art software that is required for the successful delivery of precast panel detailing projects. The use of software that we take into consideration is AutoCAD, RebarCAD, CADS RC, Tekla Structures, and Revit to name a few. Also, as this is the common service that is being used by all the construction companies and contractors, we have expertise in delivering accurate and result-oriented services for commercial buildings, institutional buildings, multi-level buildings, industrial structures, chemical plants, residential buildings, foundation structures, bridges and modular structures.

Contact us today for your precast panel project and get the best team at your service. You can simply send us an email on and the team will be reverting back to you with the details as per your enquiry.